Neil Diamond Fan Photography!

These photos are taken by Neil's fans,
and placed here, by them,
for our viewing pleasure!


Neil Diamond

Candids are so much fun .... :-))

Top photo is the most recent addition.
Updated 12/14/99
Neil Diamond in Omaha, NB 12-1-99
Thank you once again to Karen Iffert for this great candid of Neil in Omaha, NE on Dec. 1, 1999!

Karen has been very generous in sharing her photos of Neil with Diamondheads worldwide. To see several others sent in by Karen, arrow down!
My thanks to Lily Kussy for this terrific photo of Vince Charles!
In Memory of Vince Charles - Died June 3, 2001
VINCE CHARLES Superman of Steel (Drums, that is..)
Vince Charles at!

Vince Charles, NDRRT, and fan, Kitty Robinson
I took this photo of Vince Charles and pretty fan, Kitty Robinson myself, in Los Angeles, in March 1993. A bunch of "Diamondheads" had gathered outside The Great Western Forum and were having quite a visit while waiting for show time! Vince joined our group for a chat, and very nicely posed for a photo.

Thanks Vince and Kitty!

Neil Diamond, 12-93
December, 1993

Neil Diamond
Taken by Kathleen Mosely
Birmingham England, 11th of July 1992

Juli gets a hug from Neil Diamond. 2-12-96
The lucky girl getting a hug from our smiling Superstar in Feb. 96,
is my young friend, Juli, and I took the photo! For a photographer
wannabe, it was quite a thrill. Thank you Neil and Juli!
These next 4 photos are by Karen Iffert.
Thank You Karen!

Neil Diamond 2-20-92 Minneapolis by K. Iffert
Feb 20, 1992 - Minneapolis, after the concert!
by Karen Iffert

Neil Diamond 1996, Des Moines - by K. Iffert
1996, Des Moines, before Ames
concert. By Karen Iffert

Neil Diamond Milwaukie, 10-31-98 - by K. Iffert
Milwaukie, Halloween Night, 1998
By Karen Iffert

Neil Diamond 1996, Des Moines - by K. Iffert
Des Moines, after Ames concert.
12-2-98 By Karen Iffert

Linda and Reinie Press
Linda and Reinie Press

Alan Lindgren
Alan Lindgren

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    1. Omaha, NE 12-1-98
    2. Minneapolis, MN 7-12-96
    3. Las Vegas, NV 12-31-98
    4. AU Birthday Party 1999
    5. UK Wembley Arena 3-13-99
    6. Candids! Neil & NDRRT
    7. Chicago Stadium 1983
    8. Poplar Creek, IL 1984
    9. Indianapolis, IN 1983
  10. Chicago/Indianapolis 1983
  11. Poplar Creek II 1984
  12. Poplar Creek II Pg 2
  13. Brisbane, AU 5-99
  14. Brisbane, cont.
  15. Germany, Netherlands 3-99
  16. Portland, OR 8-19-99
  17. Omaha, NE 12-1-99
  18. Omaha, NE 11-09-01
  19. East Rutherford, NJ 1982-99
  20. Vancouver, BC 10-2002
  21. Kansas City, MO 12-20-02
  22. Wilkes-Barre, PA 3-4-02
  23. Madison Square Garden NYC 8-12-08
  24. Nikon At Jones Beach Theater, NY 6-8-12
  25. Greek Theater, LA 8-23-2012
  26. Greek Theater, LA 8-25-2012
  27. MGM GRAND, Las Vegas, NV 9-1-2012
  28. VANCOUVER, BC 5-7-2015
  29. Seattle, WA 5-10-2015
  30. Seattle, WA 7-26-2017
  31. Portland, OR 7-28-2017

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