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Neil Diamond Fan Photography!

These photos are taken by Neil's fans,
and placed here, by them,
for our viewing pleasure!


Neil Diamond

Vancouver is just a treat for me, all the way around! Being able to photograph this show at Rogers Arena.... well that's just a night I won't forget!

Photos by Toni McLaughlin, May 7, 2015

01_Van2015 (235K)

02_Van2015 (118K)

03_Van2015 (96K)

04_Van2015 (83K)

05_Van2015 (102K)

06_Van2015 (91K)

07_Van2015 (98K)

08_Van2015 (96K)

09_Van2015 (86K)

10_Van2015 (86K)

11_Van2015 (107K)

12_Van2015 (80K)

13_Van2015 (48K)

14_Van2015 (37K)

15_Van2015 (140K)

16_Van2015 (84K)

17_Van2015 (84K)

18_Van2015 (81K)

19_Van2015 (85K)

21_Van2015 (69K)

22_Van2015 (90K)

23_Van2015 (107K)

24_Van2015 (106K)

25_Van2015 (128K)

26_Van2015 (80K)

27_Van2015 (73K)

28_Van2015 (104K)

29_Van2015 (130K)

30_Van2015 (63K)

These photos were taken by and are copyright Toni McLaughlin 2015.
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