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Rose-Cheekt Lawra by Thomas Campion rose-Cheeked Laura, come,
Sing thou smoothly with thy beauty's
Silent music, either other
Sweetly gracing.

Lovely forms do flow
From consent divinely framed;
Heav'n is music, and thy beauty's
Birth is heavenly.

These dull notes we sing
Discords need for helps to grace them;
Only beauty purely loving
Knows no discord,

But still moves delight,
Like clear springs renewed by flowing,
Ever perfect, ever in them--
Selves Eternal.

music of the soul

THOMAS CAMPION     1567-1620

Soul 'tones'...songs of life...this website is all about what makes my Soul sing!

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the last voice, original music, written and recorded by Jeanine Harsen Meet Jeanine 'the last voice' JIM-BILL RASMUSSEN...KEYBOARDIST JIM-BILL RASMUSSEN In 1971 13,000 volts of electricity went through his body and he lost his hands. Now he plays a YAMAHA KEYBOARD for audiences nationwide. dreamcatcher, legend, native american, chippewa, ojibwa, lakota, animal totem, dream catcher Native American Dream Catchers, legend of the dreamcatcher, animal spirit energies, totems

An Exploration of Resonant Being - SOUND AS HEALER
And On and On they Go, the Tones of my Soul.

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