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Ever end up with a pet you didn't expect
and absolutely fall in love with it?

Meet my Box Turtle
Be, my three-toed box turtle!... P'i ...
Chinese for Grace,
pronounced "BE"
Be, the Box Turtle
Hello Surfer, Welcome to my helpful herp site :)
Well guess what? As much as my webmistress loves me, she almost killed me!
She didn't know how to care for me, and didn't have access to much help.
So for all you potential herpetologists.....the links below take you to information you need
to have a happy healthy turtle, or reptile in general, as your pet.......

Thanks for caring,
Be, the Box Turtle

Amazing Grace - My Autobiography!

Chapter 1: My Beginnings

Chapter 2: Help From Above

The currently featured picture of Be, the Box Turtle!
Toni cannot stop taking my picture!
Turtle Lovers feel free to collect these.

Photo Taken 07-27-05
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Pages and Pages of actual Turtle Pictures!

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CLICK HERE to go to Amazon.Com and BUY this book! $8.95 The Box Turtle Manual ...
(The Herpetocultural Library. Series 300)
by Philippe De Vosjoli and Roger J. Klingenberg, D.V.M.
Paperback, 102 pages. Published by Advanced Vivarium Systems.
ISBN: 1882770293

This book is written by two veterinarians and literally saved this turtle's life. It answered ALL the hands-on daily questions Toni had about caring for me. Everyone even thinking about a box turtle should get this book.... first! Click on the picture to order it from

Turtles and Turtle Care
Everything you ever wanted to know about turtles.    Turtle Webcam - Turtle Pictures - Turtle Forum - Turtle Stories.   Watch baby red ear slider turtles live, read the latest turtle topics, and participate in the turtles forum.

Western New York Herpetological Society
Turtle Care Sheets and Information. Each care sheet is listed under the turtle's common name followed by the scientific name in parentheses.

Turtle (c) Kitty Roach Indiana Turtle Care Home
Indiana Turtle Care, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to the conservation, rehabilitation, education and rescue of turtles and tortoises. We do not concentrate strictly on native turtles, but species from all over the world.

Aquatic Turtles as Pets
What You Need to Know Before Getting a Pet Turtle -- Aquatic and semi-aquatic turtles are popular as pets. The most well known is probably the red eared slider, although there are several other species which are kept as pets.
Turtles can make great pets if they are cared for properly, and we hope this website can help you decide whether or not a turtle is the right pet for you.

Turtle (c) Kitty Roach Courtly Lives - The Turtle Clan
The Turtle Clan (A'no':wara) is one of the principal clans of the Mohawks. Turtle symbolizes our entire Earth, and therefore is associated with respect of the Earth and Earth Elements. The North American Continent is called "Turtle Island" in Native American mythology and legend. The world of the USA aboriginals lived on the back of the Turtle, much like Atlas was thought to have supported the world on his shoulders. Turtle Clan members are the examiners of the state of things within the tribal unit.

Turtle Rescue League
Adopting a rescue turtle is a wonderful way to give a pet turtle a home and a second chance at life. At the Turtle Rescue League, they take finding turtles new homes seriously.

Turtle Times
The Turtle Times Shell Site award is given to those sites whose Shell's truly shine. Information for the Turtle and Tortoise Community! Turtle Times was created specifically to assist in the acquisition of a turtle or tortoise, your new friend, and provide a valuable resource location to introduce you to the turtle and tortoise community on the Internet.

Turtle (c) Kitty Roach LLLReptile
Largest Selection of Reptiles & Supplies on the Web! Reptile supplies and exotic reptiles are what they specialize in at LLLReptile. They carry every supply needed to care, maintain, and breed healthy reptiles.

British Chelonia Group
Care Sheets on: Mediterranean Tortoises, Edible and Poisonous Plants, Red Eared Terrapin. Also specific information on 12 species of tortoises, which includes the USA and Asian Box Turtles. Large photo gallery, and more!

Tortoise Trust Web
The TORTOISE TRUST is the world's largest tortoise and turtle organization, with members in more than 26 countries. Their mission is: To provide the best husbandry information available; To campaign for tortoise & turtle conservation worldwide; To actively support conservation programs; To promote research for the benefit of tortoises and turtles

Turtle (c) Kitty Roach Box Turtle Forum
Here you may post messages or questions about breeding, collecting, feeding and keeping Box Turtles.

Melissa Kaplan's Herp Care Collection
Species: Amphibians, Chelonians, Crocodilians, Green Iguanas, Invertebrates, Lizards, Snakes   Care & Keeping: Behavior, Captivity Issues, Clean/Disinfect, Conservation, Education, Food/Feeding, General Herpetology, Health, Humor, Pet Trade, Plants, Prey, Resources, etc!

Hatchling Haven
A site dedicated to the proper care, diet and husbandry of turtle and tortoise species, with its focus on hatchlings of low, medium and high humidity species. Information on Basic Setup .. Diet.. Daily Care and Health.. Micro Climate Humidity Booster.. Outdoor Husbandry.. Gallery.. Links.. Tortoise/Turtle Info and Articles.. Scientific/Common Names.. Nutritional Analyses of Replacement Tortoise Foods

Turtle (c) Kitty Roach MATTS - Mid-Atlantic Turtle & Tortoise Society, Inc.
Dedicated to the worldwide conservation and husbandry of turtles and tortoises.

Box Turtle Care & Conservation Web Page
Here's a lady that knows her stuff! She speaks from personal experience and has written an on-line book titled BOX TURTLE CARE A TO Z. A must visit site!

Sea Turtle Survival League
Caribbean Conservation Corporation and Sea Turtle Survival League was founded to support the sea turtle research of Dr. Archie Carr. They are are dedicated to protecting sea turtles and their habitats through research, education, and advocacy. This species of turtles is really endangered...information on how to help can be found here.

Turtle (c) Kitty Roach The Reptile Man
Home of The Reptile Man(TM) Scott Peterson, and the only albino aligator in the Pacific Northwest!  The Serpentarium is located 1 mile east of Monroe on Hwy 2 and has the most extensive collection of reptiles in the Pacific Northwest...and is the home of the Worlds 10 Deadliest Snakes!

CTTC Links
California Turtle & Tortoise Club's guide to turtle and tortoise resources available on the World Wide Web. This is an extensive list!!

Chicago Turtle Club | Facebook
This club was founded 11 years ago to serve tortoise enthusiasts of all ages who seek more information or help in maintaining the well being, safety, and environment of their turtles or tortoises. --- Great page for kids!!

Turtle (c) Kitty Roach Box Turtle Observation Project
For several years this guy has been rescuing box turtles from Washington County roadways. Most are released to the far side of the road, but in several cases the turtles have been kept for long-term observation. He is an entomologist, not a herpatologist, but his observations are more scientific than a lot of what's on the web. Wonderful turtle pictures, too!!

All Photos of Be, the Box Turtle © Toni McLaughlin. All Rights Reserved.
For permission to use photos of Be, email

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