Tom Sadge, one of the best Neil Diamond impersonators. Photos with Englebert Humperdink, the Jordanaires, and other celebrities!
- The city that never sleeps...Las Vegas, Nevada!


Tom Sadge, Neil Diamond Impersonator

- On April 3rd, 1999 Tom Sadge arrived in Vegas with his agent. Although Tom never entertained in Las Vegas before, he'd had a number of requests for promotional packages and interviews. And his anticipation about returning to the gambling mecca was great: although well known on the East Coast, Tom had never entertained in the Gem of the Desert.

New York, New York , Las Vegas, NV  4-99
New York, New York Casino - Las Vegas, NV 4-99
Tom Sadge as Neil Diamond
- Tom wasn't disappointed. Many times during the week he spent in Las Vegas he was approached by tourists and residents and asked if he knew he looked a lot like Neil Diamond. Tom took special delight in watching the inquirer's face as he opened his mouth and spoke like Neil.

- The Gold Coast Casino was one of Tom's favorite places to visit during the week he spent in Las Vegas. Invited to come up and sing one song in one of the lounges there, Tom remained on the stage for seven more at the request of the audience. Tom not only performed his Neil Diamond impersonation, but also delighted everyone there with the voices of Sinatra, Engelbert and a few others of his repertoire.
The Jordanaires and Tom Sadge, Las Vegas 4-99
The Jordanaires and Tom at the Gold Coast Casino, Las Vegas, NV 4-99

- Along with his agent, Tom met with some of the most well known producers in Las Vegas as well as many of the more perennially popular entertainers such as "The Jordanaires", Sharon Haynes, who does an incredible Patsy Cline, Trent Carlini of "The Dream King", and several others. Tom looks forward to entertaining in Las Vegas in the near future. Keep your eyes open for him on a marquee!

Tom Sadge and Sharon Haynes, Patsy Cline Impersonator 4-99 Las Vegas
Tom Sadge and Sharon Haynes, Patsy Cline Impersonator
4-99 Las Vegas, NV
Tom Sadge and Ray Walker of the Jordanaires
Tom Sadge and Ray Walker of the Jordanaires

Gold Coast Casino, Las Vegas 4-99

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