Legends Alive! June 99 Canadian Tour

Tom Sadge as NEIL DIAMOND June, 1999
Photo Copyright Michael Hutchinson

Tom Sadge as Pop Music's Legendary Neil Diamond!
Canadian Tour - June 1999

TOM SADGE as NEIL DIAMOND is the highlight of Legends Alive! Concert 6-28-99

Shown in the pictures above: Anthony Von as Elvis
and Steve of "Pauly and the Greaseballs" (as Sha Na Na)


       On June 7th Tom Sadge arrived in Toronto for his second Canadian tour as a Neil Diamond impersonator. 15 cities in 21 days....13 hour bus rides....the thought could be overwhelming if not so much fun! The company of Tom's fellow "Legends Alive" performers, which included impersonators of Reba, Roy Orbison, Celine Dion, Sha Na Na, Donna Summers, Tina Turner, The Village People and, of course, Elvis Presley was something Tom had been happily anticipating.

Legends Alive! Tour Bus
After many 6-14 hour bus rides, Tom can still see the interior of this beauty
with his eyes closed.
Sha Na Neil!
Sha Na Neil!

       Some of these talented entertainers, as well as all of the band members, Tom had met on the previous tour...others were newcomers. Meeting again with old friends, and constantly making new ones- that is the life of an entertainer!
Mile Posts to Everywhere!

On the way to Whitehorse, and a looong way from home!
       The tour was not without a few unexpected surprises for Tom. The beauty and bustle of Vancouver, Victoria and several other major Canadian cities was expectd. But Tom had never been as far north as Whitehorse where the sun, during June, never completely went down. And the first hour of the concert in Saskatoon at the "Saskatchewan Place" arena went well- until the power went completely out! But the show did go on with Tom and his fellow entertainers performing an impromptu "a cappella" rendition of oldies for the several thousand in attendance. It was an exuberating experience but a rewarding one for all. The audience loved it!

Tom Sadge as Neil Diamond
Tom Sadge
Tom Sadge as Neil Diamond
Tom Sadge as Neil Diamond bringing 'Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show'
to Canadian audiences!

       The wild animals were breathtakingly beautiful- and plentiful- in the Yukon Territory. Elk, moose and other exotic breeds abounded and could be seen along the roadside as the tour bus moved along. Unfortunately, Bigfoot was not sighted...but snow-capped mountains and emerald green/sapphire blue lakes were.

Karen Grainger as Reba McIntyre
The lovely and multi-talented Karen Grainger
as the one and only Reba.
Tom Sadge as Neil Diamond
Tom Sadge brings the "Solitary Man" to life!

       At Medicine Hat Tom was interviewed, before the show at "The Arena", by entertainment writer Mike Stimpson of "The Medicine Hat News" When he received a copy of the interview a few months later he was happy to read that Mike had given Tom's Neil Diamond performance a glowing review. You can view the entire article, and read the relevant excerpt, at the top of this page.

Karen Grainger as Reba
Karen Grainger as Reba!

Karen Durrant as Tina Turner
Karen Durrant as Tina Turner
Photo ©Michael Hutchinson
Karen Durrant as Donna Summers
Karen Durrant as Donna Summers
Photo ©Michael Hutchinson

Steve, Paulie, Tom, Brian, Reese and Andrew
Who, minus Neil, of course, make up "Paulie and the Greaseballs"
(Sha Na Na and The Village People)
Chris and Geoff Dahl as the Blues Brothers
Chris and Geoff Dahl
as the Blues Brothers

       While there are not photos available of every performer who toured with Tom Sadge, Tom would like to thank each and every one, as well as the band members, background singers "Rivington Station", bus driver, crew, management and, of course, the fantastic Canadian audiences, for making the "1999 Legends Alive Tour" an unforgettable experience!

Paulie, Tom, Frank, Perry, Claude Allard
L-R: Paulie, Tom, Frank, Perry (singer from Rivington Station)
Kneeling in front is keyboardist Claude Allard

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Tom Sadge Sings Neil Diamond