Tom Sadge As Neil Diamond
Tribute to Ed Sullivan...A Really Big Shew(R)...Cactus Pete's...Jackpot, NV...Nov 28-Dec 16, 2001
-Cast Photo

Tom Sadge - Tribute to Neil Diamond

Tom opens 'A Really Big Shew(R)' with CHERRY CHERRY, SOLITARY MAN, and SWEET CAROLINE.  Neil Diamond classics!

I actually remember when Neil Diamond was on The Ed Sullivan Show, do you?
Tom has a powerful voice that lends itself to Neil Diamond tunes beautifully.

Richi Harris on guitar AND keyboards behind Tom here as he gets the audience to join in on SWEET CAROLINE

Classic Neil Diamond moves... Tom does an excellent Tribute to Neil!

The show closed on a powerful note... Tom came back out and sang Neil Diamond's AMERICA

A tribute to our Ancestors, to our American Heros, and the victims of 9-11

Tom sings this song with such passion and power it really moves you.

The audience was on it's feet, singing, dancing, clapping, and having a fabulous time!

My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing.

A standing ovation followed, and deservedly so!

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