Tom Sadge Sings Neil Diamond

Entertainers are born to be entertainers...
Tom Sadge performing a Tribute to Neil Diamond at Chicago's 2004 Birthday Party... Photo by Toni McLaughlin

        Some become household names and, later still, legends. No one knows why these special few are chosen by the fates to rise to a stratospheric level of fame while a multitude of other, talented performers are not. It is an enigma that has puzzled agents, producers, performers and everyone else who has ever attempted to solve the mystery.
Tom Sadge as Neil Diamond

        Only one thing is for sure...when the world decides as one that they love and revere an entertainer - then that person becomes one of the "chosen ones" of show business...a Legend.

        Tom Sadge is not a legend, he is not a chosen one. But the fates have similarly smiled upon him. And he, in return, has smiled back at them in gratitude. Because Tom was born with the God given talent of not only a melodic voice, but with the talent of mimicry that he has honed and perfected since he discovered these two gifts at the age of ten when he did his first vocal impression as Neil Diamond singing Solitary Man.

        Throughout the years Tom has practiced, perfected, and poured his heart and soul into mastering singing impressions of many of the greats. Neil Diamond was and is his favorite, but there are many others: Sinatra, Elvis, Tom Jones, Tony Bennett, Barry Manilow, Engelbert Humperdinck...the list goes on and on.

Tom Sadge, Englebert Humperdink         And so, on February 6th, 1999 Tom Sadge fulfilled a dream. He appeared as Neil Diamond with Engelbert Humperdinck in Toronto, Canada. The audience loved him. Some even had bets that Tom was the real Neil...using a different stage name. To successfully impersonate a legend, while appearing with another, is, as Tom will tell you, too wonderful for words. The two hours that Tom spent with Engelbert and his lovely wife, Patricia (Popea) after the show... enjoying their company... receiving many compliments on his performance from Engelbert's family and friends... was the proverbial Cherry, Cherry on top.

        Take a look for yourself....

Tom Sadge, Patricia and Englebert Humperdink

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-- Tribute To Neil Diamond by Tom Sadge
On Jan 24, 2004 at the 18th Annual Neil Diamond Birthday Party in Chicago the evening's entertainment was a fabulous, full hour Tribute To Neil Diamond by Tom Sadge!

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September - November 2003, Tom was performing in A Really Big Shew® at the Flamingo Hilton in Laughlin, NV

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Dec 2001, Cactus Petes, Jackpot, NV -- This Tribute to Ed Sullivan is a simulated live taping of the famous TV show. Neil Diamond, Cher, Tom Jones, Barber & Seville, and The Beatles are guest stars.

-- Memories Theatre, Pigeon Forge, TN
July 16, 2001 - Tom Sadge as Neil Diamond in Memories Theatre Tribute to Elvis & Friends.  See my pictures of the show!

-- Philadelphia Eagles VS Dallas Cowboys
Photos of Tom performing AMERICA at the game pre-show, for 68,000 football fans! Nov. 5, 2000

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Photos of TOM and NEIL DIAMOND together, and... Tom with the ND Bandmembers!

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Tom brings the magic of Neil Diamond to Canada.

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Tom Sadge as Neil Diamond

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