Postcard History

Portals of the Past, Super-Tone Quality Postcards
"PORTALS OF THE PAST." Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, California

Card #88173

I inherited these old postcards...
Always fascinated by them, I want to share them with you.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

The Postcards:
-- Columbia River Highway, Oregon
-- La Grande, Oregon
-- Ellensburg, Wash.
-- Thailand
-- Ships And Boats Of All Kinds
-- Postcards by L. H. "Dude" Larsen

Bardell Miniatures
- These are 'not exactly' postcards... but close.
-- Movie Stars' Homes © 1926
-- Golden Gate Park © 1925
-- Los Angeles © 1923

Sets of Miniature Collector Photographs
-- Dallas, Texas
-- NEW YORK The Wonder City

This collection came into being because of Harold, but he didn't buy them, I did.  Byron Harmon took my breath away with his early 1900s photography of the Canadian Rockies.  Could not help myself, I started collecting them.......
- ~ CANADIAN ROCKIES ~ Early 1900s RPPC's
-- PG 1 - RPPC #1-699
-- PG 2 - RPPC #700+
--12 Sepia RPPC Set, BANFF
--12 RPPC Booklet, LAKE LOUISE

- Meet the Man who bought the Postcards!

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