Set of 12 Sepia Postcards BANFF, CANADIAN ROCKIES - Photographed and Published by Byron Harmon

Banff Village & Goat Mtn.
Banff Village & Goat Mtn.
Three Sisters, near Banff
Three Sisters, near Banff
Banff Springs Hotel. Banff
Banff Springs Hotel.  Banff
Cascade Mtn. & Banff Village
Cascade Mtn. & Banff Village
Consolation Valley and Mt. Bident
Consolation Valley and Mt. Bident
Government Bath. Banff
Government Bath.  Banff
The Lakes in the Clouds
The Lakes in the Clouds
Massive Range & Bow River. Banff
Massive Range & Bow River.  Banff
Motor Road & Castle Mtn. from Johnson Canyon
Motor Road & Castle Mtn.
from Johnson Canyon
Mt. Rundle & Vermillion Lakes. Banff
Mt. Rundle & Vermillion Lakes.  Banff

Big Horn Sheep
Big Horn Sheep

Twin Pool Falls  Johnson Canyon
Twin Pool Falls  Johnson Canyon
Pilot Mtn. Banff
Pilot Mtn.  Banff
There are 13 postcards here because I bought the Big Horn Sheep by itself. It matches the 12 in this set except the back is a little different and postmarked 1927.

Postcard Back, Sepia Set of 12
Back view, Sepia Set

The images of Byron Harmon in the title graphics on these pages were scanned from the pictures in this book, GREAT DAYS IN THE ROCKIES: The Photographs of Byron Harmon, 1906-1934. didn't have a picture of it, but I have the book, so the cover is just to the right.

It's an interesting read as well as full of beautiful photography ... If you would like to see a few pages CLICK HERE
GREAT DAYS IN THE ROCKIES - The Photographs of Byron Harmon, 1906-1934
Show me a few Pages  ~

Early 1900's Real Photo Postcards, Canadian Rockies
My Byron Harmon Collection has grown to this size over the last few years, and will increase with time.  My old family friend, Harold Hough, got me hooked on postcards, and my own love of photography got me hooked on Byron Harmon.
12 Postcard Booklet LAKE LOUISE

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