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Neil Diamond, Tom Hensley, at piano_(c) Len Rapoport 1998 MTI Group_Displayed with permission.
Neil Diamond and Tom Hensley at piano
© 1998 Len Rapoport, MTI Group

And 39 is as high as I'm going friends LOL

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Diamondville, the official Neil Diamond Website IAIS...the message board that has united fans globally since 1999
The Original Neil Diamond Homepage, online since 1995.  Joe Imhof's tribute to Neil Diamond
Master Neil Diamond Link List - If there is a site online that is about Neil, you will find it listed here!

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who is also affectionately known as the 'Lead Vocalist' for...

The Neil Diamond Band!  The Greatest Band in the Inter-Galactic System

The NDRRT (Neil Diamond Road Racing Team) The Neil Diamond Band!star
NDRRT - Neil Diamond Road Racing Team

Neil Diamond and Linda Press
Neil Diamond and Linda Press

Band Members: Larry Climas,Ron Tutt, Reinie Press, John Fumo, Art Velasco, Don Markese, Alan Lindgren, Tom Hensley, Julia Waters, Linda Press, Maxine Waters, Doug Rhone, Hadley Hockensmith, King Errisson

Vince Charles, Passed away June 3, 2001

We will forever miss him!

starLIVE IN CONCERT with this group is a Collective Peak Experience.

And once is not enough . . .

Find out WHY once is not enough!!
And here are the reasons WHY once is not enough!

Oil Portrait of Neil Diamond by Sharen Carter 1986

While you're looking at photos
arrow arrowTake a look at this one!
My thanks to Neil and his photographer, I loved the cover photo on "Headed For The Future." And thanks to my talented sister, Sharen, who painted the fantastic OIL PORTRAIT you see on the left!

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There are so many fantastic photos of this man that I just had to do a photo page!

FAN PHOTOGRAPHY just naturally followed...

Neil Diamond Photos!

Fan Photography of Neil - Wow!

DEC 31, 1999 DENVER, CONew Millennium's Eve - Neil Diamond in Denver, CO - My evening in photos!

Photo of Neil Diamond and Tom Hensley at Piano
displayed by permission of Len Rapoport, MTI Group

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