New Millennium's Eve VIP Ticket
New Millennium's Eve

The Legendary Neil Diamond  -In Concert- December 31, 1999 at Pepsi Center

New Millennium's Eve VIP Ticket

The Party of the Millennium

PEPSI CENTER Denver, CO Neil Diamond Tonight at 10:00PM

Dear Pepsi Center VIP:
Entrance to the VIP dinner on the Club Level of the Pepsi Center

Here you see the entrance to the VIP dinner
and the Post-Concert Party.
Already looks like a night to remember!

Restaurant Lounge, Club Level, Pepsi Center

Inside the Restaurant Lounge on the Club Level
of The Pepsi Center.

Chef Kerry and Chef Hector

Two members of Executive Chef Jeff Parr's culinary team,
Kerry (L) and Hector (R)
Our Waiter was a real cutie named Scott!

Our waitor, Scott. He took very good care of us.
(L-R) Lucy, Dennis & Toni (me), Sue

Our table.... Left to Right: Lucy, Dennis & Toni (me), Sue
Scott Kelly and his mother Marie

It was a wonderful night of seeing old friends,
Scott Kelly and his mother Marie ...
L to R: Mr. Love, Betty Love, Scott Neal

Betty Love and her husband from Canada,
visiting with Scott Neal (R)
Neil Diamond's Stage-In-The-Round prior to the concert

From the Club Level we could see into the arena and
view the stage, bathed in blue and red lights, ready and waiting...
Souvenirs are available on all levels of the arena

Before the show started we bought our souvenirs!!
I think all Diamondheads have a good collection of these...
Immediately after the concert

The show was Fantastic, Exciting,
a Memory Forever, and.......
Me, heading for the post concert party, amid all the confetti.

Me, heading for the post concert party.
You can see the confetti everywhere, hope you watched
the countdown on TV if you weren't here!
Post-Concert Party

The VIP Post-Concert party was in full swing when we joined it.
Here you can see it was overflowing into the hallway.
Drinks, sodas, coffee, whatever you wanted was here..

Drinks, Sodas, Coffee, anything you wanted.
These Millennium Bartenders were busy!
Live Entertainment at the Post-Concert Party

Live entertainment kept the mood intact!
Dancers enjoying the mood and the music

Happy Diamondheads danced and enjoyed the evening!
New friends -- always a treat!

Diamond fans are such nice people, it's a treat to meet them.
My husband, Dennis McLaughlin, definite Diamondhead!

My husband Dennis toasting the moment!
Mona, Sabine, and Heike, from Germany

German F.O.N.D. well represented ...
(L-R) Mona, Sabine, and Heike all from Germany!
Saying Goodbye to Scott

A hug from Scott as we said our goodbye's ..
and "See you next time!"
Stage removal crew in action!

I took one final look at the Stage-In-The-Round
being dismantled and removed from the arena,
and amazingly, the evening was over........

Happy New Year!
Happy 2000!

and Thank You, Neil Diamond!

Neil Diamond's "AMERICA" was heard by the World
as he counted down the year 2000 in the Mountain Time Zone
at the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO

If you weren't here, I hope you saw it on TV!

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