Lissa Negrin As Cher
Tribute to Ed Sullivan...A Really Big Shew(R)...Cactus Pete's...Jackpot, NV...Nov 28-Dec 16, 2001
-Cast Photo

Cher was the second guest on the show tonight, and lucky Ed gets a kiss!
Ed asks Cher to perform her big hit 'I Got You Babe' and Cher asks if he'd like to do it with her as it's a duet.  NO!

Well maybe I can find someone in the audience that will help out!

What do you think folks?  I like this guy right here!

Ok, there's a couple things we need to do... your hair is too short and you're kind of tall..

Transformation accomplished, our hero is thinking 'I Got You Babe' to the friend who pointed him out to Cher!

A bit uncomfortable, our hero tried to have a good sense of humor..

And before the song was over, he had relaxed, joined in, and had a lot of fun.  So did we!

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