Jim Barber, Ventriloquist
Tribute to Ed Sullivan...A Really Big Shew(R)...Cactus Pete's...Jackpot, NV...Nov 28-Dec 16, 2001
-Cast Photo

Barber & Seville... I thought the tall one would be Jim Barber.... WRONG!

You have to laugh when these two come out on stage... it's just a shock to the senses, who has ever seen the ventriloquest as the dummy before???

And if talking for two isn't enough, you can add another person into the mix!  Here Mrs. Sullivan joins Barber & Seville and they all perform 'Figaro'

Singing 'Figaro' in three different voices, and doing them all well!  Jim Barber has an amazing singing voice as well as that killer sense of humor.

Just when you think you can't possibly laugh any more, Jim brings out 'Baby' and gets you going all over again!

Uh oh, with infants you have to expect wet, dripping, accidents...

Jim's facial expressions are priceless.  This one speaks volumes, doesn't it?? The dripping was just the first half of the accident... second half on the way!

Ok, baby's happy now, and Jim complains about the smell.... Haven't we all 'been there, done that'???  This entire act was hilarious!  I want to see it again...

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