the last voice

the last voice
  1. make me a light  
  2. i will walk beside you
  3. the last voice
  4. world beyond
  5. eyes of a child
  6. good enough (for me)
  7. dancing with a ghost
  8. don't ask the lady to love you
  9. one small piece of ground
10. give me the sky

           "I can't begin to express how truly blessed I feel to have the opportunity to share my music with the world. There is a kind of magic that can happen when you put yourself out there and close your eyes and let the sound of your voice reach that completely effortless place where it connects with everything in the whole universe. The audience is just a single, open mind and heart that lets you in when you focus on that purity and that connection.

          To my fans who have now become my friends, I thank you for following me on this path. You have let me know that what I do matters to someone, somewhere. Each time I sing I am reminded that our passage in this life goes largely unnoticed, except for a single truth: We do not journey alone."

Jeanine and her son Jon
           My beautiful friend Jeanine grew up in Everett, WA on the shores of the Puget Sound. It was there, in the shadows of the Cascade mountains, that she developed her appreciation for the wonders of natural beauty. At the age of eight, she received her first acoustical guitar, and began writing and composing her own songs about life, love, and "What matters most."
the last voice
           So began a twenty-five year odyssey for my singer/songwriter friend - a journey that has spanned the depths of human tragedy and the pinnacles of human potential, chronicled in the music she has created.

           Her songs reflect the wisdom and spirituality she has gleaned from her personal experiences, steadfast faith, and belief that truly, all things are for a Higher purpose.
"When we strengthen
and sustain one another,
and the natural wonders
that surround us, then we
strengthen and sustain our
awareness of God."

Jeanine lives in New York with her husband Edward, and two sons, Johnathan and Sebastian.
She is working on a second album, Masterpiece.

Photos and Quotes © JEANINE HARSEN
and used with her permission.

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