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Graceland, coming right up

Graceland is a place I won't forget.
Not in this lifetime anyway.

Big as life portrait in Elvis Museum

My hat is off to the artist of this one, whoever you are! Elvis literally 'jumped out' at me from behind the glass in the museum . . .

Photos of Graceland by Toni
Tourist boarding pass to the 'Lisa Marie'

EXERPT from Lisa Marie Boarding Pass:

Elvis purchased the plane on April 18, 1975, for $250,000. He named the plane 'Lisa Marie' after his daughter and had the registration number changed to 'N 880 EP'. His personal logo TCB (which stands for 'Taking Care of Business') is painted on the tail.


Required a crew of four (Elvis always used the same crew).
Seating capacity: 28 (96 originally, 28 after he customized the plane)
Tower call name: "880 Echo Pappa"
Nickname: "Hound Dog One"
Elvis called the plane "The Pride of Elvis Presley Airways." He also jokingly refered to it as his "Flying Graceland."
Range: 3,000 miles
Horsepower: 44,800 lbs. thrust
Engines: Four General Electric CJ-805-3 Pod Mount Jets
Length: 129' 4"
Wingspan: 120'
Tail height from ground: 36' 3"
Weight: 87,000 lbs.
Maximum weight: 184,000 lbs.
Cruising speed: 615 M.P.H.
Maximum altitude: 41,000 feet
Fuel capacity: 10,770 gallons
Fuel consumption: 1,700 gallons per hour;
 -- take off: 2,200 gallons
Operating cost for 1976: $404,000


Hound Dog One

EXERPT from Lisa Marie Boarding Pass:

Elvis' JetStar was nicknamed 'Hound Dog Two'. He purchased it in September, 1975, for $889,702. The JetStar is a 550 MPH, ten passenger aircraft which can operate from 5,000 foot runways. The airplane is 60.5 feet long, 20.5 feet high and has a wing span of 54.4 feet.  The registration number which Elvis requested was N777EP.
aka 'Hound Dog One'

Lisa Marie

Elvis' million dollar apartment in the sky.
His motto, TCB (with the lightning bolt) is on the tail.

'Taking Care of Business in a Flash!'

Elvis' Harleys...

Elvis' Harleys

There were 'several' more...

Elvis' Pink Cadillac

Elvis' Pink Cadillac

This has become one
of the most famous cars in existence!

A PRESLEY SPEAKS by Vester Presley
While I was wandering around the gift shops at Graceland, I came upon this man selling a book. He turned out to be the uncle of Elvis Presley, and we had the most wonderful visit. I bought his book and he signed if for me.

From the preface of "A PRESLEY SPEAKS" by Vester Presley:

In a way, Vester Presley knew his famous nephew better perhaps than Elvis knew himself. From his post at the front gate of Elvis' mansion, Graceland, Vester saw the singer in a family setting.
Vester was the buffer between millions of fans and the object of their worship.

This book is Vester's story. As a part of his nephew's humble beginnings, Vester tells of the family and the rural society that combined in a particular way to bring Elvis to the world.

Leaving Graceland

Hope you had a good time.. I know I did!

WOW!   I won this Elvis Award!!!

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Photos of Graceland Toni McLaughlin 1998/99

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