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Graceland, coming right up

You can't go to Memphis, TN and not see Graceland.
Not if you're a 'Baby Boomer' anyway!

It was exciting, it was wonderful, it was depressing, it was sad,
it was history before my eyes, it was...

Well... here... see for yourself!

Walking up to Graceland

Walking up the driveway to enter Graceland.

Immediately inside Graceland

Immediately upon entering Graceland you get a 'royal' feeling!  It's also very homey.. a stack of LP's still sits next to the piano. They belonged to Elvis, (none were him!) and he played them a lot, they were very worn.

Oil portrait of Elvis, photo of his parents

Oil portrait of Elvis, and photo of his parents in the 'front' room.

The Jungle Room, Graceland 1993

The Jungle Room, as amazing as it's reputation!
The Jungle Room

The Jungle Room - this table was just fascinating...

I'm sorry to say I did not take many photos inside the house....and most of the ones I did take are
too dark to use here. You can no longer use a flash camera at Graceland...over the years,
the flashing began to deteriorate the colors and the fabrics, the oils in the paintings, etc..

By May of 1993, when I was there, flashing was a thing of the past.

Viewing Graceland from the backyard

A view of Graceland from the backyard.

In the back of the house is the Meditation Garden...

The Shooting Gallery

Nestled between Vernon's office and The Elvis Presley Museum is this little spot where Elvis and 'the boys' would target shoot.

Elvis Marker

I realize this is pretty sad to look at, but no photographic trip through Graceland would be complete without it. Elvis left this world on Aug. 16, 1977 and his marker is here next to the Meditation Garden. His grandmother, Minnie Mae, is on the left, and his father, Vernon Elvis, on the right.

Vernon Presley's office

This is Vernon Presley's office. Notice the b/w photo of Elvis as a young man on the wall.

Vernon Presley's office

Vernon ran Elvis' entire career from this room. It has the feeling that he "just stepped out for coffee"!

The Elvis Museum is housed in a small building on the grounds behind the house.
Everything is enclosed in glass displays, and there is an amazing amount of memorabilia here.

The next four photos were taken inside the museum.

Portrait, beaded costume, guitar

Stage costume, Guitar, and portrait of Elvis.

Studded Costume

This costume is heavily studded... was heavy to wear, too, I'll bet.

Portrait of Elvis and Lisa Marie

There is some amazing art in this museum... this portrait is of Elvis and his beloved little Lisa Marie.

Painting of Elvis and his parents

This portrait shows Elvis at 5 different ages, with his parents, and his Mother in particular, always central figures in his life.  If memory serves, this one was done by a fan, and Elvis loved it.  If I'm mistaken, someone let me know!

Elvis' Pink Cadillac, Airplanes, Harleys and more on Page 2!

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Photos of Graceland Toni McLaughlin 1998/99

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