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Neil Diamond, touching you, touching me..

Diamondhead: Neil Diamond Fan

I've been a Diamondhead for a long time.  A lot of people have, I realized as time went by; I certainly wasn't unique!  We all have our own story, but it's like we share the same mind when it comes to Neil Diamond and his music...

I have heard Neil asked many times in interviews, "Why are your fans so loyal?"   His response has always been "I don't know, you'd have to ask them...."

So these web pages were filled by people who are proud to be a part of that Diamondhead Mind.   We told Neil,  we told the interviewers,  we told the world.

We opened up "The Diamondhead Mind"!

This was never a message board where posts came and went. The thoughts we put on these pages will be here forever. They will be around for Neil, or whoever chooses, to read and know exactly why it is, we will be too!

** Note from webmistress 7/16/2011.... After ten plus years of posting heartfelt thoughts and stories from Diamondheads around the world, I feel it is time to stop taking new posts for these pages. I am and will remain a Diamondhead forever, but since losing my husband in 2009 my passion for countless hours at the computer has ebbed. So the existing 25 pages are all I'm going to do, but they give an amazing view of what goes on inside THE DIAMONDHEAD MIND, and they will stay online. Thank You SO Much to everyone who posted here ... you made this idea an overwhelming success! God bless you all, Toni McLaughlin

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