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- What a wonderful site here paying respect to whom I consider the absolute, all time number one singer/songwriter/performer on our planet.

I was a young 12 year old boy in 1973 when my mother dated a gentleman for the first time since her divorce. Her date arrived at our house one night and unexpectedly presented her with a gift of Neil's "Hot August Night" album. He told her that this is "good music." I remember having no clue who Neil Diamond was but I also remember overhearing this LP played over and over and thinking, "wow, this guys got something." When I was 15 I bought my mom the "Beautiful Noise" album and again we both were hooked.

I will try to keep this very short because when I get going about Neil Diamond in conversation sometimes I literally can not stop.

Today I am 38 years old and have seen "my man" 23 times at numerous venues, with the most recent being in my hometown of Worcester, MA in December of 1999 (with Neil giving our grieving city a very personal moral boost). Of course, my dear 72 year old mom was at my side, being her 10th Neil "experience" with me. For anyone, *anyone*, who knows me my name is synonymous with Neil Diamond's. When his name comes up, my name comes up. When folks visit my house my CD collection always comes up in conversation as it is *entirely* Neil Diamond. To me, no one else compares.

NEIL DIAMOND I actually met one of my dearest friends while camping out in line for tickets almost 10 years ago. My "Neil buddy" and I have hundreds and hundreds of "Neil stories" that we treasure. Our favorite is talking of the time we ventured to Madison Square Garden and as "my man" was walking out on stage we discovered his two daughters and son-in-law were seated *directly* behind us. They were two of the most sincere, down-to-earth people we had ever met. Jesse was there too that night, in the band. It was a night we will never forget as we partied with the Diamond's and it just seemed bizarre to know that this was their father on stage with 21,000 people in the palm of his hand. At the conclusion of the show the girls disappeared for a few minutes only to return with two folded Neil Diamond sweatshirts for us stating we were the "two best fans they've met." Two years later, we returned to Madison Square for nother concert, wearing the sweatshirts, and sat once again with these same two girls. And, ...they remembered us. A few years later we were at Neil's World Tour opening night at the Fleet Center in Boston (with my mom too!) and we all sat directly in front of Neil's mom and aunt. Not wanting to disturb in any way, we quickly exchanged handshakes and I softly mentioned to her that I loved her son. All three of these encounters were strictly coincidental and remain with us forever.

I feel absolutely blessed that God has crossed my time here on earth with Neil Diamond's. Neil has become a major part of my life and he has moved me like none other. I truly love "my man." May he sing forever.

Tom Gaudette
Worcester, MA


- Am listening to the Glory Road CDs this morning and enjoying so very much. But, my mind keeps going to my favorite Neil song....Turn Around. Can anyone direct me to the lyrics &/or tell me what album it was on? Somehow over the years, its disappeared from my collection. It was one of those songs in which Neil "talked to me" at a time in my younger life!

A long-time Neil fan,



*** "Turn Around" is track #1 on the Primitive album ~ Webmistress

- I have marked the journey of my life with Neil Diamond Music. Neil & the band got me through college, helped me understand my relationships, & helped me run the 1997 NYC Marathon. My favorite ND song is not even that well known: "I Think It's Going To Rain Today". This song touches me like no other ND song: "Scare crows dressed in the latest styles...frozen smiles to chase love away...human kindness is overflowing...and I think it's going to rain today... Help the needy and show them the way...human kindness is overflowing...and I think it's going to rain today.

I've been a fan since 1978...22 years. Neil Diamond said it best in his 1974 statement:

The human voice is the most important instrument at our disposal, yet it is one of the most difficult to understand or define. You either hear it, or you don't. It either moves you, or it leaves you is more than just a is the soul itself...

Rob Giovino
Providence, RI


- My name is Miguel Gimeno, I am a fan of NEIL DIAMOND since 1972, and all I can say is, THE BEST, THE TROUBADOR, THE MAGNIFIC, THE UNIQUE, and many other, because I don't say all I think because I'am a Spanish man, and my English is very low.

I knew to Neil with his song LONGFELLOW SERENADE, and since then, I love all his music. I have his music, at work, at home, at everywhere.

Well, until soon, and pardon for my limited English,



- I'm a die hard Neil fan. He's the greatest song writer and singer of our time!

I'm 58 yrs old and attend every concert that comes here to the Los Angeles area. This man will go down in history as one of our greatest entertainers. Go Neil!

A "10" for sure.

Sandy from Laquinta, CA


- I am 30 something and my son is just about to turn 9 yrs old. Both of us love Neil....

If a 9 year old can sing his songs heart by heart,
what does that tell you???

Neil Diamond is the best singer/song writer
that I have ever known.

Vickie & Matthew


- There is no other personality quite like "our Mr. Diamond". I have seen him age like a fine wine over the last twenty years and have followed him from Montreal to Boston to Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo to Toronto, Ottawa. Each time, his concerts only get better and better.

I have my son to thank for my getting "hooked on Neil", as Song Sung Blue was his favorite song at the age of 3 and then came Beautiful Noise. The rest, they say, is history.

He really does have a way of touching each and every one of us to the very souls of our being. When you leave one of his concerts, you are always left with wanting more and can't wait until he comes by our way again.

Mr. Diamond, Thank you for your incredible gifts to the music world. You do deserve the Grammy for your Movie Album, and yes you should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Betty from New York


- I just ran upon this sight, it is beautiful. I love the pictures. I have been a Neil fan since I went to my first concert in Ft. Worth Texas. I think it was 1981. I had heard his songs, in fact I had two of his alblums that I don't even remember buying but I found them one day. After I walked out of that very first concert I was hooked on him. It was a three hour concert and I was just so impressed how he sang the whole time. So after that I started buying his tapes. I bought them all and I have worn them all out. Well then in 1992 we had to move from Texas to Missouri. I went through a very very difficult time moving from a city to this little town where I had no friends. I really became wrapped up in his music then and he became my friend. I really started listening to the words of his songs and realized what great meaning he had in his music. So since then I have gone to every concert I could drive to and have gone back to Texas a couple of times to hear him also. I have even managed to get some front row seats to a couple of the concerts and those have been really special concerts.



- Neil and fans,

I am 43 and have been a fan since I was a teenager. My dad bought a tape of Neil and we played it at night. I would tell him to turn it up!!!! But in the past six years, I have grown to love the man for who he is and what he represents to his fans.

What a wonderful experience to read the adoration and respect that people, real people, have for the down to earth Neil. I say down to earth because he is so in tune with people: their lives, their fears, their wants, their spirituality, their innermost feelings.

Being a musician and singer, I appreciate the lyrical messages, the soul reaching music produced by one of the greatest back-up bands I've ever heard, and the ominous presence of Neil's spirit on stage. Total excitement is the only way that I can express my feelings at his awesome and electric concerts. I have had the honor of attending two of his concerts in Winston-Salem, NC. I hope he comes back soon!! I need a Neil fix!! Ha! Ha!

I would love to be up there singing back-up or a duet with him. That would be an awesome experience! So, Neil, if you need a good 'ol, down to earth church Music and Drama Director to help you out, CALL ME!!! I could certainly fit it into my busy schedule.

Keep up the good work. I've gotten several of my friends on to you. They really enjoyed your concert a couple of years ago. Diehard fans, now. Love to you Neil!!! Your music is still traveling through space and past the stars. You'll live forever!!!

Love in Christ,

Jayne Adkins
King, NC


- I have always loved Neil Diamond. Even in high school when all my friends were listening to hard rock I would sit and listen to Neil. No matter what your mood he always has the right song for it. I have had the pleasure of seeing him several times and each performance has been a wonderful experience. Some time soon I would like to see him again. I will always love you Neil! Thanks for all the years of great music.



- I feel as though it's fitting to find this site on his birthday. I'm 27 and was introduced to Neil by way of my mother's Hot August Night albums in 1976. I still have them, along with 3 other copies of the album. I know every pop and crackle on those vinyl records. I have seen him 5 times: twice front row and once second row. I have memories from those shows I'll never forget. I really wish I had access to a concert of his from the early 70's on video. There are so many great songs, it gets hard to pick a top 10. Hot August Night is my favorite album and I think it's one of the best live albums ever made.

It's nice to see other people share their experiences by way of this site. Thanks for the site, and the memories.

Scott and Jennifer Greer


- Where do I begin? I have been a Neil Diamond fan for so many years I can't begin to remember when it all started. You have touched so many hearts with your music and your soul putting your own being into your music. I have only seen you in concert once but that's because of the eligibility of location. I have always loved music and wanted to be a singer but the opportunity never progressed past my 20's so you are my outlet. You seem to be able to read other peoples minds as to what they feel. Since I am only 13 days older than you this is truer for me. Please keep singing, my joy is in you!

"Happy Birthday" Neil, I will love your heart, mind, soul and music forever.



- After reading everyones thoughts l thought l would add only a few lines as to why Neil is my #1. At the age of 24 back in 1992 my mother who l considered to be very unhip asked if l would like to go with her to see Neil in concert here, as it had been 16 years since he last came to Melbourne. l thought oh okay, l had never seen a live concert act, and hey, mum was paying,

l can still remember as if it was yesterday as Neil walked up on stage and the first song was" Hello", my mouth dropped, l had never seen so many people standing, dancing, singing, and we all had seats but no one was using them.

Well from that moment on l was a confirmed Neil -oholic and proud of it. l can never get enough of his music, anything Neil, l want it.

As so many have said, he makes it seem as though he is singing for only you. As if he has never sang that song before, it is the first time and he is singing it for you. There is so much emotion, feeling as only Neil can do.

So l would like to thank my mum for introducing me to Neils music. An experience to just be at his concerts, nothing comes close.

So Neil if you ever read these posts Thank you, you are a beautiful person, and please keep on making your music, you give so much pleasure, happiness, joy to so many.

Diamond Girl


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