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- Most of these messages begin with, "I have been a fan of" Neil Diamond. Well, I have been a fan of his forever.

I dated with Neil Diamond, I married with Neil Diamond, I went miles and miles from home with Neil Diamond, I took him to Jacksonville, Florida, where I lived for 6 months, 1971..I took him to Albany, Georgia, and I rode down Highway 1 with Neil Diamond all the way to the jumping off place, Key West, FLorida.

My marriage lasted for 36 years.. I had babies with Neil Diamond, Not his of course. I raised my children with Neil Diamond. I have my five year old daughter, singing with a mic in her hand, and dancing away to Neil Diamonds, "Cracklin' Rose'.

My now grown children listened to him, were raised on him. I got a divorce.. with the sounds of Neil Diamond and many fond memories of him.. and the things that I did..

Now being a divorce', I'M STILL LISTENING TO HIM.. today.. the one wish, if I could wish today.. I would want to meet him.. and for him to come back to Atlanta, Ga. and I could do all this.. ONE MORE TIME.

Nancy Still


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- Hi Neil - I love your words and music, the lyrics are beautiful and the music very moving. They have just pulled me through a major op for a brain tumour. I have now finished chemo and radiotherapy for a while and I listen to your wonderful music every day. My prognosis isn't good and my only regret is that I have never seen you live. You seem to be a very soulful, down to earth person, who appreciates his fans. I will always be a Diamondhead.

Keep on writing , your music will be around forever.

Lots of love Sandra Topgood


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- Hi my name is Terry Bainton, I live in Melbourne Australia and have been a fan of Neils since I first heard Hot August Night when I was Two years old.

I am now nearly forty, and as an introverted child your music had a dramatic and lasting effect on me, So much so that it felt right to me & I ended up comparing all other artists to you but nothing else added up. I think that to this day you are one of the most understated artists, and one of the few sustained superstars of our time.

Your music would pull me out of bad moods, it would comfort me and would give me strength. Unfortunately I believe that my generation and the one before were more into fads than quality. They never gave you the support that I thought you deserved. But from what I see there is a generation coming through that is showing you that support and I can say that it no longer seems to be daggy to admit that you are a Neil Diamond fan. (Not that I ever let that worry me).

My favourite songs are from your early catalogue, songs like,(You Got To Me, Crooked Street, etc. I also loved Lady Magdeline, Mothers & Daughters Fathers & Sons, Longfelow Serenade, Loves own Song, & your version of I Dreamed a Dream, & Carry That Weight) just to name a few.

To me your last two albums, 12 Songs & Home Before Dark, have had and continue to have an incredible affect on me. So much so that I could not have been more proud when Home Before Dark made it to number one here in Australia. At that time I quizzed the local radio station about why this album was getting no air time as it had made number one but they could not give me an answer. I think several of those tracks could have made it as singles, namely (Without Her, Donít Go There, Another Day That Time Forgot, Sign That Reads Forgotten.)

On top of all this I have been to four of your concerts in Australia, 1992 Melb, 1996Perth, 1999Melb, 2004 Melb and enjoyed them all very much. I am also a bit of a singer myself, I regularly attend local Karoakes and have won many times performing your music. Some say (not me) That I sound like the clostest thing that there is to your music and I take that as a complement, but as an amateur I have never been able to take it to the next level. I have been to several Diamond impersonator concerts, but I generally find that their heart is not in it and I have never seen one do your music justice, all to often they seem to emphasise the non existant vibrato. It would be a dream of mine to be accompanied by good musicians that had an understanding of your music and to really do it some justice.

Diamond your a gem keep on shining and I hope you last forever.

Terry Bainton


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- Where do you begin to explain what Neil Diamond means to you?

I have been listening to him for over 40 yrs and I love his voice now as much as I did then. He has kept me going many a time when pain and sorrow threatened to overwhelm me. Just listening to his music calmed my soul and he has been a very important person in my life and still is. I saw him in Glasgow a few years ago and I thought I must have died and gone to heaven because never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would actually see him perform live.

I am a 68yr old happily married, mother of five. I was a nurse and I've nursed all my life. I retired 4 yr ago. I have just spent a whole afternoon making jam and listening to my hero.

So thank you Neil, long may you sing for us.

Mae Munro xx


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- My thoughts ............Neil Diamond Ė what a performer!! I first saw Neil in Australia in the Ď60ís and havenít missed an Australian concert since. I play a lot of Neil Diamond when Iím at home and his music always stirs deep emotions within me, sometimes even making me cry Ė but I just love each and every one of his songs.

Faye Yeatman
Camden, Sydney, Australia


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- I am really into Neil Diamond; listening to his songs & how he gets into them with such energy, makes me have the same energy, I clinch my fists & I'm into him as much as he sings his songs.  I've liked him since I was in my teens, am 52 now.

05smile (1K)......GO Mr. Neil Diamond......Thank You!.....Neil Vario


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- Hello

Hope that Neil Diamond had a great birthday.  I am happy for Neil that he is chosen as MUSICARES PERSON of the Year.  He deserves that honor. Glad too that he is still writing songs.  Hope he still goes on tour again.  I am always excited to see Neil Diamond in concert.

I Love Neil Diamond

From Laura Hanawalt (FOND)
Newton Ia.


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- Hi Neil,

I hope you are managing to have a rest after your extensive tour and enjoying the festive season.  I do hope it won't be too long before you return to England, I really want to get to a live show.  I like listening to other artists but always return to your music Neil as it has passion and soul.  It moves me more than anyone else can.  Looking forward to a new album when you are moved to write again - Thank you for helping me through my life with your words and music.

Sandra, Lincolnshire, England


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- Hello Neil,

I have loved your music for many years and hope there is much more to come.  I was asked recently which was my favourite track, I thought for a while but came to the realization that I loved them all.  They bring out all sorts of emotions and touch the soul.  Sadly I couldn't get to see you live on your recent trip to England but watched all the TV footage of Glastonbury and your An Audience with Show.  Both were excellent.

Congratulations on the new album reaching Number 1, truly deserved.  I love every track.  I didn't think you could get any better but you have proved me wrong.  Don't ever stop making beautiful music, it would be sadly missed.

Much love from one of your many fans,

Lincolnshire, England


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- I have always been in love with Neil Diamond, like most of the women my age.  Sweet Caroline was played and sang to me many a time through the years, although my name is Carol, not Caroline.

My husband was killed two years ago this coming October.  He played Tenor sax for some famous people in his life and knowing that I loved Neil Diamond would often play some of his tunes to me.  When he was killed my Soul died with him.

Until tonight on British TV..

carol_aug07 (3K) Hearing Neil sing brought me back.  Remembering all the wonderful years LEE and I shared with Neil's songs following us through the years.

Thank you,
Carol Wills, SeaMills Bristol


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- Congratulations NEIL DIAMOND on having a #1 hit album!  I know that you worked hard for it.  You earned it too.

You have always been my favorite singer.  I am anxious to see you at one of your concerts.

Good luck with all your concerts. See you on stage soon.

Laura Hanawalt
Newton, IA


- I am loyal to Neil because he connects to people through his music.  For a celebrity, he always shows much gratitude towards his fans and doesn't take for granted his enormous fame.

I applaud Neil for his many years of connecting with me!  His music has brought me joy, and kept me comforted at times of sorrow too.

I grew up listening to Neil, and my children are sharing in the enjoyment of it too now.  What a reflection to see how many generations one man can touch!  I look forward to seeing you on tour this year.

Thanks for the songs Neil!!!

Dianne Montijo
Palm Coast, Florida

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- I enjoy your music so much!  It puts me in a really good mood and is cheerful.  I love America,  Song Sung Blue,  I Am..I Said, and  Forever In Blue Jeans.  I try to attend every concert here in Vancouver, Canada, and I look forward to your next concert when you come.

James Makinson


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- To Neil Diamond Fans:

I, too, have been a faithful fan for many years, since about 1969.  His music touches my soul as few artists have been able to do.  It is like he is singing personally to you and you alone.  His music is spiritual at it's core, in my opinion.  I've heard it said that the most personal feelings and thoughts are also the most universal, and, to me, Neil Diamond captures those thoughts and feelings so well in his music and has the humility and the courage to sing about them.

Thank you, Neil Diamond, for your life and your music.  It is all such a wonderful gift.

Jo Ann Yuricic
Tallahassee, FL


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- I just got my 2008 NEIL DIAMOND calender in the mail December 4th.  There are alot of great pictures of Neil. I sure am happy with it.  I also enjoy the 1970-2002 STAGES cd set. Heard that Neil has made another album.  Know the songs are just as great as the songs Neil has sung in the past. Looking forward to seeing Neil in concert again.

I will always be a NEIL DIAMOND FAN.

Laura Hanawalt
Newton, Iowa


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- Dear All,

I have always loved Neil Diamond ( in an embarrassingly passionate way when I was about 17 Ė luckily for him , I grew out of it).  I have never seen him in concert.  I am notoriously slow at sorting out stuff like ordering tickets etc.  Plus my work is almost all consuming.

Anyhow, to cut a long story short, about 2 years ago, I got ridiculously ill.  I got back to work sporadically after an operation, then worsened to the point of you donít want to know.  Eventually, after another operation and a long time, Iím getting better.

While I was so ill I discovered 12 Songs, and they comforted me and helped me in a way like no other music.  Iím back at work now ( only went back 3 weeks ago).  I need to drive a 50 mile round trip to work and back daily, and I have constantly had 12 Songs on in the car to get me there and back.  Itís got to the point where I think even Neil would be embarrassed by my obsessive fascination with this fabulous set of songs and music.  To be honest, out of concern for myself, I changed the CD and put a Van Morrison on instead.  If you ever read this Van Ė youíre fab, but I need to get back to Neil for a while longer.  I will always have a hole in my heart for this time and 12 Songs.  Thanks!



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- Mr. Neil Diamond,

Absolutely in love with you and your music!!!!  Hoping and waiting to see you soon again, would love to hear "12 Songs" live.  Your voice has to be one of the greatest ever!



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- I have to say how refreshing it is to read so many endearing comments left on this site. I knew I was not the only Neil fan, however, I was amazed at the volume and sentiments left by countless others.

I too, have been extremely fortunate in that I have seen Neil live somewhere in the region of 50 times. Each show lived upto my expectations. I was also very lucky in that on at least 4 occasions at the shows I was " front and centre ".

Take care.



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- I have been a Neil Diamond fan for over 30 plus years.

There is no one, no one who can capture the magic like Neil.

My only regret is; I have never seen one of his concerts.  I hope and pray before the Lord takes me that I will be able to attend a concert of his.  It would be the highlight of my life.

He sings me to sleep every evening.  I put on my headset and there he is, singing to me.  In the morning before I wake up, Neil and I have our morning of songs.  When I travel, my headset and his CD;s are with me.  I must spend more time with him than with my family.

I am an artist and have many paintings, drawings and etchings of Neil.  I onlyl wish there was some way I could at least send him one.  He is my single obsession.  I have every record that he has made and have duplicates for my car, my studio and my home.

Tell me, are there any other singers out there?????   Not for me.


Please come to Florida someday Neil.  I will be first in line!!!


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- Hello Neil, Special musical man,

Loving every minute I spend listening to you and the Band's music.  I spend many joyful hours as I run my errands and work around my home and at work.

I almost shudder when I think I might not have found your music, In My Lifetime, as I have missed the 60s and 70s, busy with rearing the children, I think.  Plus my Husband was a Country Music Fan, Big Time! Hey! I am playing catchup fieriously.

I am so thankful to you and the Band for lighting up my life and soothing my loneliness after the loss of my husband.  Nothing else seemed to help like your music did.  You might not fully understand this reaction to your songs.  Your gift is phenominal, and if you don't realize it, your arsenal of fans surely does.  Through listening to your lyrics, I feel like you are a dear friend; still would like to make that Pecan Pie for you in St. Louis Mo.

Longing to see you and the band here very soon,

Frances Miller
Cahokia, Illinois


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- I was hooked from the very first time I saw him on the "Ed Sullivan Show" which was a very long time ago! I started buying his albums and posters which hung on my bedroom walls as a teenager... Well, since then of course there was 8 tracks, cassettes, LP's and now CD's. So that gives you an idea of how long I have been a devoted fan! I have been to at least a dozen concerts and have lots of Neil Diamond Souvenirs and am always looking forward to the next concert!

He is a fantastic performer/singer/songwriter.

I hope you will continue to perform for a long time to come,   Neil --Diamond Forever--

Love You
Linda Kay
Moreno Valley, CA...


Neil Diamond
- Just thought I would let you know, that I am glad to be a Neil Diamond fan too.  I have seen Neil in concert several times in Ames, IA. The last time I saw Neil, was in Moline, IL.  Every concert was always exciting for me to be there.  I love Neil and I sure would love to see him in concert again.

From a Neil Diamond fan,
Laura Hanawalt
Newton Iowa


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- Hello!

Just a short note to let you know that I have been a Diamond fan for a very long time.  Quite frankly....who isn't a Neil fan?  Neil is a "chosen/gifted person" right up there with Streisand, only Neil chooses to be a little more "humble" about his talents! (Laugh out loud!)

Lou Cote


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- I have been a fan since the first time I saw you in Baton Rouge, LA in 1976 at the PMAC and I now have all but 4 of your LP's. I have pictures on my wall in the livingroom in my home that I call my Diamond wall.. I have a gold LP of Jonathan Livingston Seagull on that same wall..

I have seen you in concert 4 times and I love everthing you do. I hope you come back to Louisiana soon. I want to see you again.. I am a very HUGE fan. All I play in my truck is NEIL DIAMOND. I know all the words to all the songs..

Come back soon...

Walker, La.


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- Dear Neil,

Happy Birthday to a most Wonderful Guy. Have a great day & I hope a great year.

Thinking of you with Love & Special Birthday Wishes,

Bless You always, Love & Be happy,

Ellen Dodd. N.ew Zealand.

Martha xxxxxx


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- If I could sit across the porch from God, I'd thank Him for lending me Neil Diamond.  His songs make me feel alive!

Thank you so much and please come back to Boston soon.

~ Pat


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- Hello again Hello.

Love your music, songs, lyrics & everything you do.

That Christchurch New Zealand concert in March 2005 was just MAGIC.

I hope you will be Blessed to sing & write more wonderful songs and live forever, your Music will live in my Heart forever and was a wonderful experience to actually SEE you.

You are a wonderful man, Bless You always,

Sincerely Ellen (New Zealand)

Martha xxxxxxxx


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- I have been a huge fan since I was 6 years old. I can remember singing America in front of a bunch of adults when I was a kid. When we were little, my brother, sister and I drove out west with my grandparents and America was on every cassette in the camper! I am now 28 years old, and I have to say that there is not one song that does not spark a memory in my mind. Whether it be my childhood, or throughout my adult life. Your songs have always been a way to soothe my mind, and soul. I have seen you in concert 3 times, and I plan to see you again when you come back to Baltimore, Maryland. I was unable to see you last year, I am in the military and went away for a few months. Please come back soon!!

Thanks for the memories Neil !!!!!!!!!!

Baltimore, Maryland


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- I have been a huge fan of Neil Diamond since he recorded "Sweet Caroline", so I'm getting on in years. I have several of his record albums, no CD's yet, as I am a retired widow with a low income. I still play my records, and I don't need all the new stuff! I saw Neil in concert in Ames, Iowa several years ago, and it was the greatest thrill of my life. I am 75, and work as a secretary part-time in a Catholic Church in Carlisle, IA. I hope Neil is around for years to come.

Florence Lee


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- I rediscovered Neil Diamond on CNN's Larry King Live in late September 2003. At that time I was just turning 56 years of age and recovering from a serious illness. I was living at the old Texas homestead cattle ranch near Tioga, Texas.

I immediately ordered STAGES. Memories came back of times when I worked in Dallas, Texas and I covered for my co-workers as they attended a concert or two over the years.

I always liked Neil's music. A person could not live on this planet and not hear one or two of his songs in the 70's, 80's and 90's. However I was not ever a Diamondhead until 2003.

I am not allowed to drive due to my illness. I live with my 84 year old mother and she could listen to I AM I SAID, STONES, and CANTA LIBRE at least 5 times a day. Neil's music fills the house and our hearts. WHY? Because he has been at a particular place familiar to all. It is called the "depth of living". That place is deep in the Diamondhead Soul. I am glad to be here.

Cecilia Guthrie


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- I have been a Neil Diamond fan for as long as I can remember. I have never seen him concert as he has not come to South Africa but am hoping that one day heíll decide to come this way. As I am typing this I have the Stages 2002 DVD playing. I am just sorry that there are not more DVDís out. I have only three that I know of and thatís Stages, The Greatest Hits and The Jazz Singer. If anyone knows of any other DVDís please let me know. I recently came across a CD called Up on the Roof. Well let me tell you this CD does not leave my computer. I just love his rendition of ďDonít be cruelĒ. But I have to admit that my ever two favorites are Crackling Rosie and Sweet Caroline. His voice just leaves me speechless. Since the release of 12 Songs I have to fight with my husband to even get my hands on it now.

A devoted fan in South Africa,



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- Just popped by as my brother is such a big fan, thought I'd reminisce, still looking great Neil !!! How d'ya do it?

Scotland U.K. xxxxxxxxx


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- Hi all you Neil fans!

My name is Frank from Birmingham England, just a short piece to say I've been a Diamondhead for well over thirty five years - the man is a god to me.

Having seen our man in concert many times, I feel so proud to say to my children I have met the great man, and what a gentleman Neil is. There is no "Look at me, the big Super Star", that he truly is. Neil is a very warm and understanding man and always has time for the fans.

Please take it from me, the good times have still never been so good if you saw Neil on his last world tour. If you know what i mean the beautiful noise is still there.

I send my best wishes to Diamondheads all over the world!

Frank McEntee
Birmingham England


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- Neil,

Thank you for always giving of yourself when you perform. When I listen to your new album I feel a personal connection to you and your thoughts. You have given so much to all of your fans in so many ways and I just want to say Thank You for being the Wonderful Person and performer you are.

The people who share your daily life are very lucky to have such a giving person always around.

Thank you again for the person you are.

Peg Gutchigian


- I have always enjoyed listening to Neil's music. I totally enjoyed him in the JAZZ SINGER so much, I bought the tape. Keep up the good work, and may GOD BLESS YOU.

Paula Baker-Hettenhouser


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