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- I have been a Neil Diamond fan since Oct 2001.  After seeing him in concert I went out and bought The Ultimate Collection.  I love his music.  I listen to his 2 Cd's at work all the time.  I would love to see him again.  I just hope he is still touring.  When his music comes on the oldies station in my car I know what song it is and I start singing.  I love his music.  I love watching him in Jazz Singer.

Nikki  (30)
Machesney Park , IL


          - I have a Neil tatoo!!!!

                        Melissa Hackett


- Neil Diamond's music makes my heart sing!  His music and concerts bring much joy to my mom and me.  I have even passed down the love of Neil to my children and granddaughter.  We are a four generation "Neil" family.  His music makes us sing, dance and laugh together.

We love Neil!

Joy, love & laughter - Carol


- I just finished reading all 22 of these beautiful groups of thoughts about my own favorite male singer and songwriter.  I wrote a little bit before I finished all these outpourings of love and devotion from so many people of all ages, and nationalities as well as both sexes.  His work does have the power to heal people from so many of the sad times life has in store for us all.  They were not just the ones from his own religion either.  I do so hope he will read and keep each one for his own share of memories.  It should help to heal his own sad, tired and discouraged times to know how much he really means to so many.  I would buy anything he writes.  Glad I'm not alone with all these thoughts and feelings.  Some were expressed in a much more poetic way than I could manage.  Thank you.


Donna V. Elliott
Charlotte, Tenn.

I attend the concerts when they come to Nashville!



         A fan forever,

         Joan Thompson


- The first time I heard Neil sing was when I was around 11 yrs old.  Dancing around the house with my mom to Neil Diamond was the fun thing to do.   When I began to have children the music of Neil went with me.  My daughters danced around the house with me.  Now I have grandchildren and we still dance around the house.  

The first time I ever saw him in concert was one of the most wonderful things in my life.  It might interest Neil to know that in that concert hall standing there singing along with him were 4 generations of fans. Ranging from 60 to 14.  And that's an accomplishment for any singer and songwriter when you can touch the heart and soul of such a wide generation.

Thank you Neil for such Beautiful Noise!

Terrie from Texas


- This is such a beautiful web site, I want to read them all.  No wonder you could never give this up.  To be able to inspire so much feeling from so many people would have to be gratifying to say the least, and I'm not half way through the list.  I finally got my copy of stages, already had most of these songs in my own collection.  It was worth the repetition to have the DVD on Diamondville.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  I know you may never see this but felt compelled to write something anyway.

Love always to you and your band for all the years of pleasure you have given.  Looking forward to your next new album.

Donna V. Elliott, my real name, or Laura from the Summertime and a few others.  You really are a very special someone.

Donna Elliott


- I have been a Neil Diamond fan since the early 70s and I now have most of his songs on CD and I am always watching out for new recordings.  I have just seen his biography on TV and what a wonderful career he has had up to now.  I hope he continues for many years to come.

Angela Daly
St Albans, England


- My late wife was not a music fan, except to see you, the last time in Birmingham... also many times in Dublin... when taken from us with cancer your music playeD a part in her life and ours.  I saw you in Dublin, last July, 2003, and you actually came to the gates for a short chat, in spite of your secutity saying..No !!!

I myself am in the business, a State Hypnotist and Therapist... one day your team took my wife's ticket and promised it would be sent back to her.... you were too busy.... don't worry... come back to your home town Dublin soon.

God bless.....

Richard Morrow



- My big friend, come to Holland!

R. Lisman

The Netherlands


- My name is Paul Payne and like the host of this web site, I have been a Neil Fan for a long time.  My loyalty to his music began once I heard Crackin' Rosie, some time in 1970.  Shortly after that I bought my first was Taproot Manuscript.  I was immediately hooked.  I could list the albums that I purchased after that, and in probabley the order in which I bought them... but that would be boring to everyone who reads this. 

I think my 'best' purchase has been the " authentic " Neil Diamond shirt that I bought via a televised charity auction in 1992.  OK!, I had to pay silly money for it, but I got it in the end.... I started bidding at 85.00, thinking it would end at about wrong was I??  I ended up bidding over 3,000..... Call me mad I don't care... I have it and you don't!!!

As I said, my name is Paul and I am I said, a Neil Fan till the end.


- Neil is the King!  I have seen him in concert three times, and each tour was better than the last.  Of course I must say, in the round was my fav.

Neil, you are a master, and I will forever be grateful, for your influence on me, becoming a songwriter, and musician - and last but not least, a Neil Tribute performer.  

Thank you, and God bless.

Barry Kim


- Ultimatley extraordinary,  Marvelously wonderful,  Remarkably awesome,  Astoundingly exquisite,  Amazingly unique,  Unforgettably brilliant,  Magnificently artistic...the consumate vocalist.  Did I mention Wonderously Handsome!!  That is what Webster's Dictionary should have next to Neil's name. 

He's 16 years my senior, but I always did have a thing for older men.  I'll probably never get to see him in concert, but I carry him in my heart every day.  His voice makes me quiver, his eyes burn into my soul, and to watch him move on stage (Grts Hits Video), he makes you feel as though you are the only one he is singing to.  And that's one thing he has over other entertainers, the ability to sing TO, not AT you.  Most singers just belt out their songs, and Neil carresses you with his music and his voice.  You can almost feel him touching you.

There will never be an equal to Neil.  I've gone through all the phases of music,(rock, country, R&B, even disco!) but I always come back to Neil, cause that's where the music that counts is. 

Neil, if you ever read this, I want you to know what an influence you've been in my life.  You've got me through some pretty gruesome times.  When no one else was there for me, you were.  You have brought me up from the bottom,on numerous occasions.  You can't stay down when you are listening to the Master.

Keep on being there for us, cause there isn't any doubt We will always be there for you.  You've brought so much love and happiness to so many people, I don't think we could ever repay you.  You are loved by so many people, you're head must be swirling!!  No One deserves it more than our Brother Love Frog King.

With almost 4 decades of LOVE, Your most Humble Fan,

Jerri Mitchell

P.S.  Neil, Know that you have accomplished what God set for you to do.  You have been an ambassador of light to the world. You have probably touched more people than anyone else in history.   I Am...I Said is a lesson I am trying to instill in my 7 year old son.   He is disabled, and will have many obsticles to climb.  The Frog becoming a King is his favorite part.  Yes, I played your music to him when I was pregnant, and now all he wants in his CD player in his room, is Neil Diamond.  I don't think he could have picked a better role model.  Thank You Neil, from a mother and her son.  May the many facets of Neil Diamond shine forever.

As before, Decades (almost 4) of Love.


- Neil is a part of my life since a long time.  I listen his music every day and it makes me feel complete.  It is not only his music, it is the man behind.  I guess it is the sadness in his eyes and in his songs that touches my soul. 

I had never the luck to visit even one of his concerts but I am still hoping that he will come again to Germany.  If not I will go wherever it takes to make my dream come true to see and hear him in reality.

I adore you, Neil.

Christina, Germany


- I have been a Diamond girl since hmmm, well anyway since I could listen.  My dear brother was a true Diamondhead.  I really didnt get into really enjoying him until I was much older.  The brother that really loved Neil passed when I was in my teens.  I am 29 now and my brother's death seems to hurt more as I get older, I think to myself we really could of enjoyed a lot together as adults.  I thank God for Neil, he brought my brother Mario a lot of joy.  I play my CDs and they bring me happy memories of my brother and it is a way for me to always stay close with his heart and remember his passions and spirit.


Melanie Gaglio


- I wanted to add my daughter's and my appreciation for Neil's music.  I'm an older fan, just say sometimes my get up and go got up and went, but you put on Hot August Night and my get up gets up and comes back.  We turn it up as loud as we can.

We've never been fortunate enough to see him in concert, we live in a small town in Georgia, but we surely love his music.  He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother is one of our favorites, but Sooliman and Brother Love could put life in a dead man.

Thank you, Neil!  God bless always and best of luck in the future in everything you do.

Patty and Pam


- Mr. Neil Diamond has been the love of my life since first hearing him in 1968, having carried me with his songs and feelings during very tough times and also very happy times...

Hearing Holly Holy for the first time, in the early 70's, thinking the unthinkable after the loss of a child, saved my life, and I'll TRULY THANK him for this always.

I had the pleasure of going to his concert once and cried the whole time from joy, but it was just him and me so it didn't matter because all else was tuned out.

I think my favorite song from him is Lady Magdelene which is seldom on his cd's and never heard by anyone who doesn't know the song, and my favorite album is Jonathan Livingston Seagull which is truly a work of expression and art.

Thank You Mr. Neil Diamond for ALL You Have Given Us ~ God Bless



- I have been a loyal Neil Diamond fan for 25 years.  I have seen him in concert 5 times and would like to see him again soon.  Where is he in 2004?  The last time I saw him was Penn State Univ. in Feb. 2001 with my Dad, and my Dad has since passed away.  That meant so much to me.  To see my favorite guy with my other favorite guy....that memory will be with me forever.

I am a loyal fan not just because I love the music, but because of the man behind the music... humble, real, adoring and adorable.  I live in Syracuse, NY and will travel anywhere to see him again.

Thanks Neil,

Suzanne Cuomo


- I have been a Neil Diamond fan for 34 yrs.  I see him everytime he comes around, sometimes not just once but sometimes 3 different concerts.  His music is so genuine.  I never get tired of listening to his music. 

Different songs are memories of different times of my life.  My children now are 28 and 31.  They grew up with listening to Neil Diamond.  They know most of the lyrics to the songs.  We have played his music at the funerals of my Mom and Dad, and for the Mother/Son dance at my son's wedding.  There is always a song that fits the occassion. 

A die hard fan,

Diane Butson


- When I think of Neil Diamond, lots of excellent thoughts cross my mind because his soul is so beautifull.  I identified myself with his lyrics.  I play his music almost every day to start my day in a positive way.  He is inspiring; Thank you God for making beautiful people like him. I love him, he is part of my life. God bless him.

I'm just staring to learn about him and his music.  I tried buying his 1980 movie, but I haven't had luck.  He is my babe babe now.


Blanca E. Vega


- This poem is from Franca, a Dutch fan

Diamond came from heaven
with pallet that was bright
painted me a rainbow
so I could see his light
picked the softest words
that no one could forget
his masterpiece is blest
today I see the rainbow
of very special hues
brought to me by Neil himself
to contrast all the blues
when I feel so lonely
lift my head up high
colors of the rainbow
so peacefully reply
you are all these colors
a diamond of my heart

Thanks Neil, lots of love from the Netherlands



- Hi,

I like very much the music of Neil Diamond.  Holly Holy is his best song, and I love to listen to it, as I have listened, in the last five - or ten? - years.  I simply dont get tired.  Well, I live in Brasil and maybe it will be difficult to go to one of his shows.  But surely Ill continue to listen his songs forever.


Cristiano Chaves
Rio de Janeiro


- I've been a Diamond Girl since the beginning.  My first concert just kept me coming back for more.  What a wonderful entertainer, and from the songs Neil sings, what a wonderful man.  I's my hope and I'm sure the hope of many to meet this man one day!

Thanks for great memories Neil!



- The first song I ever heard of Neil was "Do It" over the radio in the late sixties.  I've been a fan of his music ever since.  In 1972 "Hot August Night" hit the stores.  I bought a copy and played it endlessly.  I was seventeen at the time.  I've been to three of his concerts, and with each one, I was in awe of the magnitude of his performances.  Today, no entertainer has come close.  At 48, I still play him constantly and always will.  Just like the columnist said "Neil most of all, gives himself" to his legions of fans.  He has truly made me a "believer".

M. May
North Carolina


- I've have always liked Neil's voice.  I' think its THE Sexiest voice I have ever heard.  As I have grown older I can appreciate him all the more.  I just love him!!!  Looking forward to the next concert in the UK.



- Happy Birthday to you Neil Diamond!

January 24th!  You are the greatest! 

Have enjoyed your songs and concerts for years.....your songs lift my spirit!  You and your band make me feel like I am part of really care about your fans, and I respect you so much for that...You seem like such a sincere person...would love to meet you but so would millions of other fans....So will have to look forward to your next concert....hope it is really soon.....Can't wait to hear your new songs.....May all your wishes come true on your Birthday!!

Marti Riordan
Federal Way, Wa.


- Neil Diamond is one of the best.. the voice just does something to me, very sexy & of course so is he.  I know he is going to be 63 but to me he still sends me & lots of other women.  I love ALL of his songs.  I listen to him all day as much as I can.  I just love him.

Betty Hays
Palm Desert, California.


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