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- I've been a Neil Diamond fan since 1972.

I just love your music. I am a slave to your music!

South Africa


- I have been a fan since the early 70's. There is something about his music that touches your soul. His music is timeless, no matter the era, no matter the generation, his music speaks to people and touches their hearts in ways no one else does.

Diana Bierworth


- Neil Diamond and his Songs have been a part of my life for over 30 years.  His lyrics are a mirror of my soul.



- I've been a fan of Neil Diamond for years now and I think his songs tell a story, and are so relaxing.  I listen to his songs when I come home after a long day at work.  When you work with the public, some days it just throws you for a loop, and other days it drives you up the wall.  When I go home for the day I listen to his songs to relax me.

I wish that Neil Diamond would come to King Center here in Melbourn Fla.

from Misukie12


- All of the pictures of Neil when he was younger are great, but Neil today, is the Neil that tears me up.  I mean I have a couple years on him and he only gets better with age. Saw him for the first time in Charlotte, NC this year, and have not nor will I ever be the same.  Do have a question I would love to ask him, but.........

I have MS and some days are hard, but Neil makes them easier.  I listen to his CD's or watch a DVD or a VHS and forget the problems.  I even dance around with him.  He transports you on stage with him as no other singer I have ever heard.  He makes you feel he is singing just to you when you are hurting, and that makes you want to be there for him when he hurts.  Like another said, kiss his boo-boo's, make him a cup of hot chocolate.  Get out of here.

I still cannot believe that he has been ignored in the award department, don't want to go there either.

Now, to the serious stuff, Neil or his people, if you read this, PLEASE give us a new DVD Soon. Like Christmas 2002?

Dot Burford


Neil Diamond


- The music that I adore,
since I was just a little girl,
is the sweet sound of Neil Diamond,
he's always brightened up my world.

The sound of his voice,
makes my ears yearn for more.
Each one of his songs,
I have a wonderful memory for.

Forever in Blue Jeans is great,
and Sweet Caroline is so much fun!
but his new music is just as awesome,
my favorite being My Special Someone.

I chose this to be my wedding song,
because I just needed to feel,
as happy in the arms of the man I love,
as I did the first time I heard Neil.

Not only are his songs his strength,
But his acting I thought was a ringer.
My favorite movie for a long time now,
Has been the Jazz Singer.

Making a comeback on the big screen,
This movie is lots of fun,
It's also one of my new favorites,
It's Saving Silverman.

Being from New York and learning,
that he once lived in my hometown,
makes me wish so badly that,
in Massapequa, I would've seen him around.

So now my only chance,
to fulfill my Neil desire,
is to see him in concert as much as I can,
and watch him light each stage on fire.

I have seen him in concert 3 times now,
But that is not nearly enough,
Being that his concerts are usually on weekdays,
It makes it kind of rough.

There will never be music,
that I love as much as his,
Neil needs to keep singing,
So he may one day entertain my kids.

I love you Neil!

~Lori Lowenthal Miggins


- Whether it's 3 chords or 100 chords, the heart and soul is revealed.  And that is what draws us to the man and the music.  I've been a fan since 1967.  I saw my first concert when I learned to drive in 1977.  And I won't stop if you won't.  What an honor to know that you will go on in the hearts of men and women forever.


Denny :)


- Hello Neil,

I hope you come to Germany to sing your songs the next time.

Good luck and a good time,

Irmgard Kogler


- Neil has always been around for me since the beginning of his career.  I just didn't know it.  Then in 1981 I went to see The Jazz Singer and absolutely loved the music.  After that life calmed down again and I brought up my daughter.  In 1989 he was at Wembley but I couldn't find anyone to go with me.  In 1992 he was at Wembley again and I mentioned it to a friend that I would like to see him.  A couple of days later she gave me a number to ring to get tickets, which I did.  So I first saw him LIVE on July 19th 1992 at Wembley and that was IT.  Since then I have been to several shows on each of his tours, collected as many CD's and as many Videos as I can.  Now my daughter comes with me.  She is 26 now and is as mad at the concerts as I am.  His pictures are all around my house and I love belonging to the Fan Clubs and The Diamond Connection and when the newsletters come, everything is on hold until I have read them.  If only I had realised at the beginning what a great singer he is.  I would love to have gone to Woburn Abbey.

Sue Carne


- I've been a big fan of Neil for 20 years now.  There's nobody better than Neil.  He has helped me through bad times and good times, I can always count on his music to make me feel better about my life and myself.

Now I've met a man, and his favorite artist is Neil!  On Sept. 25, 2002 one of our biggest dreams came true, we got to see Neil in concert in Ottawa, and it was better than we expected! He is the greatest and always will be.  We sure hope that Neil will come back to Ottawa because we would sure love to see him again.

Love you always,
Lucy & Steven


- Neil's music and lyrics are that which make you contract with pure melancholy and longing; and unfold with love and hope, then levitate off this planet; to look in and down from outside; to fly beside Jonathon Livingston Seagull; to become that pure burst of light and energy for just a moment... It's the reality which keeps many of us who are artists just slightly detached from the mire which too often surrounds us all...

He's blessed with his gift, and has provided an ethereal stream to follow and lose ourselves in - of all our own wishes, wants and will haves...

Thanks so much Neil...

Julia Gordon


- Dear Neil    (The Man on the "Mission of Love")....

I know you must have heard it over a million times by now, but here we go again...I love your music! did not know until today, that you were from New York.  I also did not know 'til today about your performance there called, "Mission of Love".  And I just came from your homepage, which I did not know even existed.  You see, I don't have a lot of time to follow the lives of other people....if you know what I mean.  I am a wife, mother, pharmacy technician, poet, addicted webmaster, a Christian, and am also on a "Mission of Love"...........not necessarily in that order.....*grin*

My reason for trying to contact you is to share with you a web page I recently finished, called, "When September Morning Comes" ....A Commerative Poem for the Victims of the Terrorist Attacks on the WTC, the Pentagon and the People on Those Flights"

As with all of my pages, I have embedded a midi version of your song, "September Morn", which I found while surfing the net for free midi files.  I was so moved by the melody and the fact that this particular version was such a close match to the original song, I couldn't resist using it to accompany my poem.

I have had such an overwelming response to the page, and the melody was so perfect, I thought you and your musicians might like to experience what a staff member of my hometown newspaper described as being "very powerful" after his visit.  Please don't get me wrong.  I am not bragging.  After the page was finished, I sent it to my friend, Woody, who sent it to a friend of his.  A few hours later, Woody sent me a copy of the response he received from his friend, which said:

"Thank You Woody that is beautiful.  I am in a really dark place right now, but that poem and music were good........Garland"

You, see, Neil.....if I was able to brighten one person's day, lifting him from the darkness, I thought perhaps others might benefit from viewing it.  Music, pictures and poetry, when combined, have a way of touching the soul like no other artistic mediums can.

While I was on your website, I read about Danny.  To learn this horror has struck so closely to you was the deciding factor in my sending you the page.  I hope and pray you find time to view it, believing it may bring you some comfort as 09-11 draws near.

Keep up the good work,.........and if it's any consolation.....I just turned "50" this year, but won't let that ever get me down.  I simply refuse to feel like a "veteran" of anything......As long as I have my toe in the water, I will keep making ripples!!......*Big Grin*

With prayers for eventual peace, I am

Nancy L. Meek
.....aka "Lilripple" (to my friends on the web)



- I have all cassette tapes of his songs, some albums and one cd-the newest one.  I love them all!  I have also seen every concert of his in Phila. since 1981, except this last one last yr.  I was unable to go, but I need to know when he will be back.  I love his music, him, and everything about MY NEIL!  I also taped him several times when he was on Arsenio Hall, Donohue, and others.  As I watch The Jazz Singer, since I have seen it so many times, I can tell you almost everything word for word.  I just love Neil.  Thanks and hopefully he will know how much I truly love him.



- I love Neil Diamond because he came into my life at a most horrendous time.  A time when I had no one, but Neil was always there to comfort me through his songs.  I do know without him I wouldn't be here.  Neil Diamond is the most "real" celebrity out there, he shares his thoughts and feelings and his life with us.  He continues to write and tour even though he gets tired, because he knows that people like me need him and his music.  I don't think he has any idea how important and how loved he truly is by his long time loyal fans.  I thank Neil Diamond for giving so much of himself to us and for letting us share in his life. Thank you Neil for being there for me when no one else was, and thank you for continuing to share your life with us.  I can't wait for a new album to come out, Three Cord Opera is an absolutely beautiful album in which you shared your soul with us, your fans, and I thank you for that..

I love you Neil Diamond and I hope before my life is over that maybe I can meet you in person.

Janice Conway


- Hi,

Been a fan forever, recently when to Earls Court, London, fantastic concert, he just keeps improving with time.  How he can touch so many people with his music is proof that he is a Legend in our Lifetime. Diamond is Forever.

Another Diamondgirl


- It all began when I was 16 yrs old, I'm 52 now.  I heard a song called Brother Love's Travelin Salvation Show.  I went and bought the record, by ear learned to play the song.  It was then I knew the type of music I wanted to play.  To make a long story short, I've been playing Neil's music all my life.  I remember finding a song book that had all the songs he had written to date.  Think I bought it in 1979?  I get the thrill of singing that great piece from The Jazz Singer album {America} at one of those karaoke places now and then.  When I do get the opportunity to play my own songs, I make it a point to play my favorite Neil Diamond song, {THE GIFT OF SONG} from the Serenade album.

I could go on and on and on, but the main thing I want to say is thanks, thanks for the influence that's been given to me.

Chuck Eye


- Your music tells me you are a very deep feeling person.  Your song, You Are The Best Part Of Me felt as though you were talking to your wife. Trying to tell her how much she means to you and please stay.



- Hi Everyone,

I LOVE NEIL'S MUSIC!!!!!  I saw him at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN. last October and it was the best night of my life!!!!!!!!

Neil's music touches my heart and soul in so many ways.  Neil, if you are reading this, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


Linda Garrison


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