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- I have been a fan of Neil Diamond for as long as I can remember.  His music is so fantastic I find myself humming and singing to it wherever I go and whatever I do.  His music has brought me so much joy and happiness!

I've seen Neil twice in concert now, and I just hope that I can see him many more times.  Neil you're the greatest, carry on doing what you do, and making so many people very happy! 

Love you Neil,



- Hello Neil Diamond,

I have been a fan since I was a child.  I saw you perform in Houston in 1983, 1996, 1999 and 2002 at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in the Astrodome.  When will your double CD Live At The Forum ever get released?  Thanks for the great memories and music Neil.

Chris McClung


- I LOVE NEIL and his music.

My twin sister and I have been Diamond girls since we were teenagers.  He was and still is my very favorite singer and composer.  We have gone to all of his concerts in Salt Lake City; including three nights in a row.  He usually has two concerts.

This past November, my dream came true.  I finally got front row seats.  I was even kissed during Girl, You'll Be A Woman, Soon.  I believe I remember every one of his concerts, but definitely this is one I will relive every moment and note.  I have three children and they've all been raised on Neil's songs.  (I tell everyone they were conceived to Neil Diamond songs.)  My 12-year-old daughter loves his songs and she went to the concert with me.  She was not too happy her mother was kissed by another man, even though it was Neil.  Ah, one day she'll understand!  Of course, my twin was mad at me too, because it was me and not her.  He was so worth it.  Women were coming up to me at the end of the concert just to touch me.   I can't wait till he's in SLC again.



- I`ve just read all the letters that every fan has sent into The Diamondhead Mind.  It is true, NEIL Diamond is the world's greatest singer and songwriter.

There's no one out there that can`t march to Neil Diamond singing!  When you go to his show it's like you're being drawn into his powers.

Neil Diamond has been going a long time, there's nobody else that can do this, and if there is let's see how well they pull in the audiences like our Neil does.

There is love and warmth when Neil sings and it makes you want to get on the stage and sing along with him and his band.

If I`m right or wrong, I know this for sure -- Neil will always be in our hearts no matter what people say about him and his singing.

Janette Taylor



- I would like to say there is no better entertainer than Neil Diamond, he is the best!  I went to see him on July 14 at the Manchester Arena and it was the best night of my life.  And my mother also liked him.

I am...I said,  oh  no  no  no...

Keep singing NEIL, you're the man!

Janette Taylor


- I saw the show in Manchester on 13th July 2002, and as always it felt as though Neil was singing to each member of the audience individually, I just don't know how he achieves this!  I was so envious of the lady in the front row he picked to sing 'Girl You'll be a Woman Soon' to, I think there must have been many envious people in the audience!

This was the 4th time I have been able to see him live, although I have been a fan since the 60's.




Oh Gosh!

Where to begin....he oozes sexiness...I look at his pictures and imagine being there...You want to be there to kiss his boo-boos and everything else!!!   He makes you want that.  He does it on purpose.  :)  His lyrics are so cool, sexy,...the way he writes his can tell he feels everything he writes and writes everything he feels.  He's a wonderful song writer...the best of the century...he loves his can tell.

Linda Porta, Sacramento, CAI missed his visit to Sacramento but I spend a lot of time looking at his pictures online.  My feelings about Neil fall between love and worship!  Somewhere in the middle..  I think he really gets to some of us more than others...I am a music nut and to me music is my release...and he gives me plenty of that...I can get lost in his music. He talks to me.  That is how I feel about Neil.

Linda Porta
Sacramento, California


- Hi fellow Diamondheads,

I have been a fan of Neils for 30+ years now.  My sons, 29 and 26, were weaned on his music and their friends all find it highly amusing that two heavy metal fans are word perfect whenever one of Neil's songs comes on!

Neil's music is a mainstay in my life and I cannot remember how I coped BN (before Neil).  Although I buy albums of other artists, Neil's albums are playing 90% of the time.

I am currently looking forward to seeing Neil in Birmingham next weekend and then twice at Earls Court the following weekend.  But I am not wishing the time away to these concerts as before we know it, they will be over and we will all be in that all too familiar depressed post concert state, already trying to work out if and when Neil will be over next.

Many is the day when things are not going well and a dose of the Greatest Hits Live video is called for.  Within minutes you are back at the concerts and reliving it all again.

My only request to Neil, who has given us so much of himself, is could we please, please, please have a new concert video/dvd to keep us going?

I wish Neil blessings and happiness every day.



- I have been a Diamond fan for over 29 yrs now.

The first time I heard Neil was at my mother's friends' house.  She had STONES, TAP ROOT MANUSCRIPT & BEAUTIFUL NOISE Albums.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  Neil had every ingredient one could think of which a great singer possessed; such a unique sound; such soul sounding depth to his voice coupled with the writing material - awesome!  I kept on listening to his LP'S constantly.

When my marriage broke up Neil helped me through the lonely times, when faced with bringing up 2 young kids alone.

I've seen Neil on 3 occasions and agree he just gets better and better.

I rate Neil alongside the likes of Paverotti and Ella Fitsgerald, I'd say even better than Sinatra really.  Neil has many many talents, along with a high intellect and a great understanding of people; he gives hugely of his emotions in his songs.

Musically Neil always will play a mega part in my life.

A beautiful man, lovely person.  Neil gives much to charities eg. battered women etc.

A very gifted man, and exceptionally precious to the world musically, and in our society.

Ann Muirhead


- Neil,

My father passed away at 54 years old.

Still, I have good feelings about when we were at our local bar once, a year ago, and they played Holly Holy, the same song they played at my my father's funeral.

You will never know what the impact of your song in the place called Sneek, in Holland, was..




- Hi all,

I just thought I would post a line or two, to tell you how much I enjoyed Neil in Dublin ........He was out of this world.  I just wanted to touch him to make sure he was real...

Sherald Bridgeman..


- I think that the biggest reason that the fans are so loyal to Neil is that his music speaks to everyone.  Whatever mood you are in, there is a song he sang/wrote that explains that feeling perfectly.  Whether it is losing love, finding love, being lonely, being happy, or making the decision to be happy, he has the song.

The other important thing is that he is so great in concert.  He makes you feel as if he would show up to sing if you were the only person in the arena... because he cares for his fans that much.



- In the 1960s, while hanging with my older cousins from Brooklyn, listening to 1010WINS, NY we would hear, the spanishy tune of Cherry Cherry booming out of the car radios.  Never did we get tired of listening to this song and my fondest memories are of us dancing our Latin dances to this great song!   My Brooklyn cousins were a big influence on me and it was because of these native New Yorkers, I learned to love Neil's music.  I still remember the sights and smells of New York, as I was there for the week ends and on summer vacations.  It's A Beautiful Noise depicts perfectly what it was like back then.  

I want to thank you for this lovely visual, tribute to one of the "Greatest Singer Songwriter's Of the 20th and 21st, Century!"  May his music endure!



- If you had a chance to read the message from Wes from that "small town in Upstate New York," he is my older brother.  And, as a teenager, when your older brother tells you to like something, you naturally have to disagree with him.  So, imagine me at 14, having my brother tell me how good Neil is, and me saying the music stinks.  But in actuality, I loved Neil the first time I heard him, and was a closet fan until my brother went off to college.  Neil has been instrumental in my life with one song or another reflecting a time period special to me.  For that I thank him.  Unfortunately my brother and I have spent many years and miles apart since high school, seeing each other only occasionally.  Luckily for me, however, Neil put together one song that when I feel the need to close the distance between Wes and myself it immediately finds its way onto the turntable: Brooklyn Roads.

Thank you Neil for not pursuing that fencing career!

John Taylor


- Dear Mr. Neil Diamond:

I have been a fan of yours since your very first song.  (That was many years ago) I used to live in Massapequa L.I., New York, you know the place, so did you.  After years of being married I got very sick (from abuse) and ended up with anorexia for over 10 years.   I was so deeply hurt I moved to Lido Beach with my 2 children to start a new life.  Every day I had to hear your music, espically since to me it came from the soul, something I could just feel inside, I still do.  At first I kept to myself but when you made "Beautiful Noise", it was a BEAUTIFUL NOISE!  I did not die like the Dr. told my Mom I would before I was 30.  Now I am alive and well, a grandmother of 4 children and still going to your concerts.  The last one in Orlando, Fl. on 2/17/02.  And now trying very hard to get tickets to your concert in Uniondale, L.I. New York, on Sept.17, 2002.  I now have to go home to New York L.I. to move Mom to my home in Florida in Sept. of 2002.  I will not give up on those tickets, the only problem is now I have an incurable spinal disease, so I just keep trying to see you while I can still walk.

Before I forget my best friend (husband, I don't like titles) when he came home from the war (he was in the Navy) as the ship pulled into port I had sent the ship a copy of AMERICA, the ship played it all the way into port ... IT WAS GREAT !!!

THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING HERE WHEN I NEEDED YOU.  If you only knew.  GOD KNEW, I hope you do get to read this one day.


Pattie Filandro
Jacksonville, Fl.


- Hello,

I remember watching The Jazz Singer when I was five years old. Ever since I saw that movie for the first time, there was something special about this beautiful man in a blue sparkly shirt that has gotten me hooked on him.

I am now 19 years old.  I have about 40 CDs of the great man, a whole stack of videos, posters, records, etc.  I have been a loyal and dedicated fan of Neil. Listening to him everyday makes me feel so alive and grateful that I am proud to be a fan of the King of Music.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts on the greatest singer of all time.

Angeline :o)


- Yes I have a Diamondhead Mind.

I have been a loyal fan (only to him) for 31 years.  I'll tell you how much of a fan I am.   My son is 29 now.   He has heard Neil's songs since birth.  He now does ND's songs at karaoke.  AND HE CAN SOUND LIKE HIM.  Plus he doesn't need the prompter, because he already knows all the words.  The crowd goes crazy!!  I've seen Neil eight times from Charlotte, Charleston, SC to home in Columbia, SC.  He just gets better, and better.  And oh what a gentleman he is.

Got to close with this note.  I recently got a planter for my pool.  It's a gray frog wearing a crown.  Pretty sad, isn't it?  I really enjoy it when people ask, why is the frog wearing a crown?  You know the rest of the story.

Love always to you, Neil

Dottie Hughes


- Hi,

My name is Maria and I live in Belgium.  I am a big fan of Neil Diamond and I would like to know if Neil is ever coming to Belgium, because if he does, I would be the first one to go and see him.

With this mail, I send you my regards,

Maria Vleminckx


- I have been a fan of Neil Diamond for the past 30 years, but never realized how much his music has meant until the last 3 years. I have suffered from chronic pain in my lower back from an injury, and have had 3 back surgeries and still need one more. There have been times that I have wanted to give up, quit the PT, and exercises and play racquet ball again. I am sick of wearing braces, having my back opened up and the pain of recovery. The only exercise I have been allowed to do over the past 2 years is walking.

Listening to his music and his words on a personal CD player has helped me to get through the many hours of walking. I feel like I am in the studio w/him. It is very calming and before I realize it, I have walked 3-5 miles. Please don't stop writing the music and the beautiful words. I still have another 6-8 mons of PT and walking and need the inspiration and love your music brings.



- Hi,

I have been a Neil fan since Aug. 1977, when I saw his face on a t-shirt (if anyone looks THAT good I'll listen to him).  I went out and bought his album 12 Greatest Hits. I must have played that album for 5 straight months!!!!   Then, I went out and purchased, Beautiful Noise (still my favorite Neil album).  I have been hooked ever since.  I have seen Neil twice in concert: once in CA in 1981, and more recently on his TCO World Tour.  I have seen many other acts in concert, but Neil puts on the best show.  He really knows how to please his fans with his showmanship.   My favorite Neil song is, ....And the Grass Won't Play No Mind.  There is something in his voice when he sings that song that I just love.  I also like the song Walk On Water: very soulful............

I hope ALL of Neil's fan get to see him at least once in concert.

Eugina (A NC fan)


Neil Diamond
- Dear Neil

I've enjoyed your singing since you started, now I have my grandchildren dancing to your music in their cribs. They love it, keep rockin.

We love you,
Helen Siegel


- Since 1997 I have been singing the music of Neil. I enjoy his music so much I have put together my own tribute show called I Am I Said. His music is not only an inspiration to me, it's also a huge stress relief whenever I'm having a bad day.

I'm in the process of putting together a band for my show. Anybody in the New England area watch for a tour within the next 6 months.You won't believe your ears and eyes!!

Denise Candelmo


- Is there anything new that can be said about this guy?

I think the answer most of us are looking for is no.

I heard my first Neil song (Sweet Caroline) when I was only 6 years old, and have been a fan ever since. I am now 33 years old and when I speak about Neil, some people think that I must have a screw loose. These people, I can honestly say, do not appreciate terrific music with inspirational lyrics.

The one and only time I saw Neil, was at his Glasgow concert Feb 20, 1998, a truly magical experience. I have my ticket for July 8, 2002 and counting the days.

Keep up the fantastic work and don't leave it so long till your next visit to Bonnie Scotland!



- I went to see Neil Diamond for the first time November 15, 2002 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I now wish I had never gone. I have such an emptiness inside, because I was so close and he didn't even know I was there. I'm not a freak or anything, I would just like to shake his hand or something, who wouldn't?

My friends always used to laugh at me for playing him on the juke box, now they are playing him! I just can't see how anyone could not like his voice, it sends shivers down my spine everytime I hear him.

I hope whoever is reading this isn't laughing!


Beth Good


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