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- Neil, thanks for returning to Northeast PA on the Three Chord Opera Tour.  Had the pleasure of being there when you opened our new First Union arena in Dec. 1999 also.

We had floor seats this time and the feeling was definitely "laid back"!!  My 15 year old daughter was with us again, and as she was singing along in the aisle, this elderly couple was jitterbugging to Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show and giving her the "thumbs up".  It was so touching to see how your music appeals to the young and the young at heart- (if you know what I mean!!-my personal favorite!)

I just love the power of of your lyrics and the unmatched power of your performance.  Nothing can compare!!  Take care and keep safe.


NE Penna.


- I just wanted to let Neil Diamond know what it means to me to have finally seen him in concert March 14 at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA. His music has helped me in so many ways I wish I could tell it to his face. I just recently lost my husband of 34 years to lung cancer in July 2001. Besides the pain that is still inside me, I remember the year 1970 when my husband was in Vietnam and I was the mother of a two-year-old and a newborn. I played Neil Diamond's Holly Holy and Brother Love's Salvation Show over and over, but it got me through that trying year.

I have been a fan of his since his very first song. In fact, I told my older sister that he was going to make it "Big" one day. That was over 30 years ago, and now I would like to thank him and let him know what an inspiration he is. His concert made me remember the years past and all the good things that his music has brought to my heart, to my home, and my family. God bless you and your wonderful talent, and Thank You for what you have given to me and to the whole world!

Neil is just a little older than me but I love him deeply for his words --his loving words-- and himself. Yes, I am a widow now at 53, but how his music warms my heart! I thank God that his music lives on.

God Bless you, with love and sincerity,

Maggie Reed


- Hello

I can't remember when I fell in Love with Neil's music. But I am 10 years older than he, so I guess from day one, first time I heard him.

I received a Christmas present this year from my son. Floor tickets to see Neil live. Wow, what a gift! It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Neil you have touched my life through your music, acting, and the concert has been truly a life changing experience. May God watch over you and have many more years of performing.

With my love and thanks for the many years of great pleasure,

Maryann (Pa.)

P.S. A must for any fan who loves Neil is his box set and the new Three Chord Opera!


- I am a loyal fan for many reasons.  One, his music is from his heart.  When I listen to him sing I can feel the energy, love, joy, sadness--whatever he is trying to portray in his music I can really feel it.  When I lived in Alexandria, VA I went to every concert at the Capital Center in Maryland.  Now I live in Memphis, TN and he has only been here once since I have lived here.  I am excited he will be in Nashville in November and I will be there also.  I really need a Neil Diamond concert, it has been too long, he is good for my soul.  I just think and feel he is great.  I have 2 daughters, 21 and 19 and they too, grew up with Neil and Hello Again and many many more.  I look forward to seeing him in November.

God bless you on your tour, be careful, and have fun.


Trudy Adams
Memphis, TN


- Saw him in concert Feb. 26th at State College, PA What a thrill!  This man truly does touch your heart and soul.  His lyrics to some of his music will never be forgotten.  What a wonderful legacy he has given all of us, and not just in our lifetime but for future generations.  He will always be remembered--and I can't think of a better gift than that.  He certainly has been blessed.  And all of us have been blessed because he has shared his gift.


Larry Cisney


- You are without a doubt the greatest performer that has ever lived. The music that you sing touches my heart and I speak for my sister also. We have loved you for years. You will always be our idol. March 14th in Fairfax, VA we will be seeing you for the 13th time and it's never enough. Keep up the great work. You are absolutely the GREATEST!

Janice and Joyce
(sisters in Virginia)


- My husband and I went to the Neil Diamond concert last evening and it was awsome... He is still the greatest performer of all times. He sang a great mix of old and new and everyone in Charlotte loved him. There were people there from teenagers to probably in their seventies and we were all on our feet much of the time.

Neil, if you read these, I just want to thank you for singing You Are The Best Part Of Me.  It's my favorite song from Three Chord Opera and a special song for my husband and myself.

Charlotte, NC


- Hi,

Well, time moves on. Now my grandson, age 5, sings to Neil's songs when I play them. His music will always live on. I will be seeing him again in concert March 16th. My friends and I are ready looking forward to it because for the FIRST time we have tickets, 21th row, where we can hopefully see Neil up close and personal.

Hope Neil will continue for a long time so one day my grandson can enjoy him in concert too.

Thanks for all the wonderful music over the years.



- When I was teenager I would spend many hours alone as I had been through some huge traumas in my life. I knew the day I heard the song Stones that I was never going to feel alone again, as Neil Diamond had told me in that song, That a good days coming, and as the words go I"ll be there to let the sun in and being lost is worth the coming home.

Well I was lost for many years but always listened to Neil's music giving me time to reflect, and go and make peace with my self for situations I had been in. I would listen and feel healed.

Now as I fast approach 48 years of age I know that he was there, that he did let the sun in, and always brought me back to my feet again. And Neil you were right when you said that being lost was worth the coming home. It was. I am here and have now reached a time of fullfilment in my life. With my wonderful husband of 23 years and two beautiful sons and now a grandaughter. I survived with your gift of music and lyrics. I thank you with all my heart. That is why I have remained a fan and always will.

Helen Hillyer- Masters


- He is the best entertainer I have had the pleasure of seeing many times, the last time in Las Vegas. He gives 100 percent when he performs.

I have all his albums plus his new one, which every time I listen to it I have to play it again and again. He just gets better and better! Keep up the good work Neil, you're the best!! I love all your songs, can't say I have a favorite. After you see him in concert you are hooked and you feel like you have to see him again and again. I only wish I had gotten to see him on this Three Cord Opera tour, but it wasn't in the cards.

Thanks for all your hard work,

Clarence and Jo Birk


- I was at your show .... Feb 13 in Texas. I was in shock when you were singing.....

My name is Maria Salome, I'm a Latin woman. A long long time ago, let's say 20 years, I had a record player. I was crazy hearing you for hours....those days you don't know anything about life and I'm still like that, learning a little every day. But I can remember that feeling!

You are just great, I'm glad this world has you. I'm glad because I can recognize your soul. I know for me it's hard to express my feelings in English, but I admire you a lot. I love music too .......


- I have been a fan of Neil's for many many years. I was in fourth grade when Song Sung Blue came out and our music teacher introduced us to it. I have been in love ever since. I have only seen Neil once but we had fourth rows seats so I REALLY could see Neil. I have most of his albums, CDs, records and can't wait for the next one to come out. I have a thirteen year old who is hooked on Neil. I just found this web site and so far it's great. Thank-you for such a site.



- When I was like in fourth and fifth grade I was hearing a lot of Neil Diamond songs because my dad is a really big Neil Diamond fan. Ever since then I have become a huge Neil Diamond fan.

I think his music is very good. If I was going to pick a favorite song by Neil it would be almost impossible because I love every song by him so much that it is to hard to choose which one I like the best.

Seeing Neil in concert is one of the greatest experiences I have every had. I was able to see Neil in concert in 1996 and 2001, and I hope some day I will be able to see him in concert again. I think he does a good job at connecting with the fans at each and every concert and that's what makes him so very well liked. I don't think there will ever be another Neil Diamond out there as long as I live.

I am so glad we have music out there like Neil's because there are many different kinds of music out there that are not that good. Thanks Neil for all your wonderful music that you have made for us.

I hope some day I get the chance to meet him, and I hope my dad can be with me if that ever happens.

Tony L


- What I admire most about Neil Diamond is his ability to put his feelings into music. So many of his songs give me deep insight into the type of person Neil is. His music has gone through many changes but whether it is Jazz or put to Country he still sings straight from his heart. He is definitely not "An Ordinary Man."



- I have been a fan of Neil Diamond for many years. I had his records, 8 tracks, casettes and now Cds. My husband has taken me to three concerts so far and we are looking forward to seeing him next month in Charlotte, NC. I had my tickets the first day.........

When his new CD came out last year, I rushed out to buy it. We wake up to it almost everyday. I wasn't sure if my husband ever really listened to the songs, but found out that he did in September of last year. We celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary and he threw the most romantic party. We renewed our vows before about 80 of our family and friends. When it came time for our "dance", he had recorded You Are The Best Part of Me. I'm hoping to hear it live at the concert..



- I have been a Neil Diamond fan for about 16 years now.  I am only 29, so that seems like a long time.  My sister and I feel we have a special connection to Neil.  Our parents used to listen to him all the time.  Now that both our parents are gone Neil is our constant connection to them.

Two years ago, I conceived my son Connor on Neil's birthday and he was born on the 7 year anniversary of my mother's death.  He was not due on that day, but to me that was my parents way of letting me know that they were with me.  Conceiving Connor on Neil's birthday is yet another connection to my parents.

When my sister and I saw Neil in Wilkes-Barre, PA in December 1999, we could not help but cry the instant they announced him to the stage.  Even though my parents were not with us physically at the concert, I know they were there in spirit.

I will pass along the love of Neil that I have to my son in hopes that he can continue the tradition and realize what a true musical legend Neil is.

Thank you Neil!  I will always love you!

Christine B.
Dallas, PA


- It amazes me to see how many people love Neil Diamond after all these years. I AM I SAID is now and was then my favorite song. It hit close to home back then and I know that Neil wrote it during sad times in his own life. I thank him for all the wonderful music he has given us and for being the kind of person and entertainer that we would love for our children and grandchildren to grow up with.

Thanks with all my love and admiration.



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