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- I have loved Neil Diamond's music for a long, long time.  27 years ago, we lived near Atlanta and a neighbor 's husband took her to see Neil's concerts, two nights in a row and they had front row seats each night!  She was thrilled beyond words.  I'll never forget the enthusiasm of that Southern Baptist girl who never did or said anything slightly un-Christian.  However, I just about fell over when she told us, "He can put his shoes under my bed anytime."  For those words to come from that clean lady's lips, I knew he must be very special.  Neil sings from the depths of his heart and soul, music that appeals to almost everyone.

We recently saw both of Neil's performances when he was singing in Portland, OR, December 2nd and 3rd.  We would have been there more nights if Neil had stayed longer.  The shows were great.  All of his musicians and singers are highly talented and Neil gives them lots of credit.  On stage, Neil seems like a humble, honest, faith-minded man.  I respect him for displaying all of those great qualities.  I thank him for sharing his talents with us and for all of the pleasure his music has brought to me.

Thank you, Neil!  God bless!

DD from Portland


- I've read many letters from the younger generation expressing how much they've enjoyed Neil Diamond's music. I am seventy three years young and still enjoy it very much. I have attended many concerts and have never been disappointed. Neil has touched many lives, including mine. Whenever I am blue, lonely, depressed or sad, his music always picks me up.

Thanks Neil, for having given of yourself, and much inspiration to so many people.

Della Marcello


- I have been a fan of Neil's since I was very young.  My parents use to play Sweet Caroline and Shilo all the time.  But I can not get enough of his music and always wanted to meet him.  My parents named me after his song Shilo and as a child I have always felt special that I had a song with my name.  So Neil, thanks for your wonderful music, I will never stop listening.

Shiloh P


- I have always known of Neil Diamond and respected him, but it was only about a year ago that I became die-hard.  His music is wonderful and his lyrics are so powerful that I can get lost in them while I listen.

When I first heard of Neil's current tour, there were no dates listed for Florida.  The closest to me was Nashville, TN.  I wanted to see him BAD, as I had never seen him before.  I made the decision to make a vacation out of it (Thanksgiving week) and drive up there.  I saw Neil for the first time in Nashville on 11/20/01 and it was a near-religious experience.  It was a long (900 miles), freezing (26 degrees) time up there but the show warmed me up fast.  I look back on that night as one of those special moments of my life.

I am 23, and a noticibly young Diamondhead, but his music crosses all age groups.  The man is a genius, too genius for words.  When I have had a bad day at work, I go home, throw on a Neil CD and it's like he's there, just for me!

Neil, you rock.  You are a part of life.  I'll see you in Miami in February.



- I have loved Neil since I was 12.  I'm 35 now, and his music has always meant so much to me.  I can feel his music inside of me.  I love him more than anything, his music has gotten me through so many hard times in my life.  My favorite Neil song is Stones.

I recently went to see him at Madison Square Garden and the show was incredible!  It was my third show.  I remember when The Jazz Singer came out I went to see it five times.  Of course now I own the movie and still watch it from time to time.

Neil, Thank you for always being there through the tough times in my life -- your music has always gotten me through.



- Hi

I like to think that I am Neil's number one fan in Scotland.  A couple of years ago he came to Glasgow for the very first time, and after 3 nights he wished he had come sooner.  He was just simply amazing.  I first got hooked after hearing Cracklin Rosie and have travelled to his other concerts in England.  I love him, want to meet him and if it's not too much to ask marry him!!!

Janice Mercerize


- Fan for many years, just got a new phonograph so I could play my old 33s and 45s. Really love the new Three Chord Opera (except for the first song, for some reason it turns me off). Looking forward to the 2002 tour. Keep on truckin' ND!

Sharon Farrow
Pensacola, FL


- My husband and I saw Neil for the first time last Sat.night, 11-10-01, in Omaha Nebraska.  We were in the fourth row from the stage.  I have been waiting all my life to see Neil in person. It was a breath taking experience.  He is the most awesome entertainer.  I cried, laughed and cheered.  When Neil rose up out of the stage and the music swelled into America, I thought I would faint.  Every hair on my body stood on end.  I can't wait to see him again!

Steve and Merribeth Smith
Newton, IA


- Just wanted to give my thoughts on Neil Diamond.  He is the most classy and talented music entertainer that I have come across.   I have been a fan for years, and where ever you are, Neil Diamond, I just want you to know that your music has made me get through many sad times. From depression to losing my husband and daughter.

Thank You, you are the Greatest.   And what an honor it would be to be able to meet you.  Since I know the millions of fans you have out there, I will just say Thank You again - for being you.   You are definitely my hero!!!

Marti Riordan
Federal Way, WA


- Just went to my 5th Neil Diamond concert, and as usual he was the greatest.  I cry everytime I hear I Am I Said as I know it is his last song for the evening other than a curtain call.  Have listened to him since back in 1965 and loved every song he sings.  My favorite is Holy Holly.  I did notice last night and was worried about his back.  Has Neil had some sort of surgery or back problems as he seemed to not be standing up as straight as he usually does.  He can still belt out the songs, and always a perfect entertainer.

God Bless our Neil.

Thank you,
Ann Larsen


- I am a Neil fan since 1976, I was 12 years old at that time. Listening to his music helped me through difficult times and also through the good times.

The best day of my life was March 18, 1999, that was the day that I went to my first concert and I loved it!

I hope to see him one more time.

Much love from Holland,


- Went to his concert in Phila. on October 18. What a great show. He performed two hours without an intermission and when he kissed the young lady, everyone went crazy.

His music touches your heart and he is such a great entertainer. He seems almost humbled by the popularity he receives and he genuinely seems to appreciate his fans. You never hear any scuttlebutt about him. He sings with all his heart and it comes from his soul.

Sandy T.
Lansdale, Pennsylvania


- His music has such soul, as I type this I'm listening to Canta Libre, absolutely beautiful, it can bring a tear to your eye! Yet the next song can be upbeat like Desiree and your feet are tapping. He puts his heart and soul into everything he writes and sings.

I have been a fan for over 20 years and never tire of his music. When he performs at a concert you feel the love, and in return, he must feel our love and gives us everything he's got. A Neil Diamond concert is a Lovefest, pure and simple.

I just located this site after attending a concert in Philadelphia last evening, and though it is way past time to go to bed, I can't bring myself to leave it, I must continue on and keep that loving feeling I came away with last night.

He appeals not only to those who grew to love him at the start, but he now has a new generation to love him. His ability to write and sing along many themes, I believe, has made him an exception, each song is a new sound and thought. You can easily pick out certain songwriters and tire of other singers as they always have the same basic sound.

I wish him many years of love from his fans and continued success in holding on to that love.

Thank God for Neil Diamond!

With affection,


- Neil,

You are my MOST favorite singer ever!!! I've been hooked ever since I saw you in Jazz Singer. I feel as though I know you since I know your cousin's wife Judy. I'm hoping that you'll come here someday and visit them so I can meet you.

You are the best!!



- I've been a Neil Diamond fan since a child in Akron, Ohio. I'm now living in Wichita, Ks. My husband & I saw Neil the last 2 times he was here. Thank you, Neil, for bringing such joy & beautiful music!!!! I have a fantasy-don't worry, it's clean! My fantasy is to sing backup with Neil, & his wonderful band. Please come back to Wichita SOON!!!! You are alwys welcomed!

Love ya 4-ever!!!!!



- Dearest Neil,

You are so very special, be nice to see you in England soon,
so I can say, " HELLO AGAIN " my friend.

I have loved you since I was 13 years old, quite some time ago, I am 45 years old now, and from you, I'm never letting go. You are the very best, You stand out, from all the rest, The song's you sing, They take my breath away, You sparkle, You big, big Diamond Ring.

Now all I want, is a dream come true, after being so run down, for a very long time, is to get to meet you. Will it happen??, I really hope it does, Then I could tell you I love you, with a big Red Rose.


I hope Neil does get to read these mail's, it would be nice to think he'd actually read this one.

From Josephine V. Lewis of Bedminster Down, Bristol


- I just finished reading all these letters about Neil and decided that maybe I'm not so weird after all.

I too, love Neil Diamond, and cannot ever foresee a time when I will not.

I often find myself almost preaching to people about Neil. It frustrates me when people act indifferent to him, in fact, I would almost rather they have a strong negative opinion than none at all.

I have lots of other things going on in my life; work, church, husband, children, etc., but as devoted to these parts of my life as I am, my interest in all things Neil Diamond does not diminish. I too, have watched the Jazz Singer more times than I would like to admit, but it never gets old. Of course, being at a Neil concert is what I imagine heaven to be like. At the last concert I attended, I remember looking at my sister and both of us just having an expression of joyous awe on our faces. Every joke he makes in between songs seems 100x funnier than anything I have ever heard, and I cry as much as I laugh. Once, at the end of the Neil/Linda duet, I yelled "please kiss!'', because I love both of them so much. To my great fortune, they did kiss.

I am very much looking forward to his concert here in SLC in November. I am making my sister, my mother, my husband, and my three kids sweatshirts that have battery powered lights sewn into them that say "WE LOVE NEIL!". Incidentally, my husband is also a huge fan, although I can't get him to admit that Neil is the sexiest man alive.

He insists he's not gay, although I say everyone is attracted to Neil, man or woman, gay or straight.

Also, I have worked out a special dance to Sweet Caroline. Actually me and my friend created it in 1973. We (me and my two sisters) always do it during his singing of SC. One time, the whole row of people started doing it with us. It involves various hand motions, including pretending we are playing the trumpet after the words "sweet caroline". It is very, very fun.

Now, this is not information that I share with everyone. Most people who just know me casually think I am fairly normal. Sometimes I slip up, like once I was introduced to someone named Leslie, I accidentally blurted out: "Oh, I love that name, that's Neil Diamond's middle name". I was never really accepted amongst that group of people after that.

Being a Neil fan has made my life so fun. There is always something new to look forward to, be it a concert, new CD, TV appearance, etc. Even just hearing some news like Elijah's birth, or reading one of his biographies (unauthorized, of course) makes for an exciting few days. But it is truly his music that makes us fans, and some of you have described it better than I could. I can't imagine getting through life without the companionship of these songs, and I am very thankful that I live at the same time as him.




- Dear Neil,

An open love letter would be just too embarrassing, I would blush like a red rose. If I told you all it would make you blush too. So I shall keep my thoughts, which are like feathers in your hand -- soft, kind, and very caring. And I shall be with you always as I started in 1972 when I truly needed you, as I still do. You are my heart and my soul, the very air I breathe, and even though you may be far away my soul is with you in every note you sing, and every note you make.

Always take care for I shall always believe,



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