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- Why are fans loyal?  He is a real, feeling person.  He is loyal to his fans.  He performs for and to them.  He makes you feel good.  He has beautiful music.  He is very sincere.  He believes in what he does.  I don't believe he does it for the money.  I believe he does it for the love of music.

Spring, TX


- Neil,

The first time I heard your voice, my heart smiled. That was 21 years ago. I am 34 today.

I am and always will be your fan. Your music touches me in a way that nobody has ever done or ever will do. There are times when I actually NEED to hear your music and to be touched by your voice. You have touched my soul with your music. What a gift God has given you!! Thank you for sharing it with us!



- Hello everybody !!!!!

My name is Guillermo, I´m Neil Diamond´s fan since I was 14 years old. I live in México and it is so difficult to find any CD or cassette of Neil, but with patience I can find them. Every day I listen to a song of his, and for me the songs are new, and give me energy to do every thing. My life with Neil Diamond has wonderful experiences of time, people and love.

It is so great to know that people around the world like the same singer that I do.

Neil join the world.

Guillermo Vega Castro
Tampico. Tamaulipas. México.


- I've been a fan of Neil for 31 years. I can really relate to so many of his songs. The live performances are fabulous, on 10/18/01 I'm going to see him for the 10th time. Hope I get 10 more times! He's always been the best and always will be.

Sing on Neil, and thanks for all the great memories.

Your fan always,

Dennis O'neal


- Hi Neil,

I feel that I know you because you have touched me with your music. Thank you for sharing your gift of song with us unconditionally. My heart goes out to you in love and appreciation for all the joy and restoration found in your songs. A day without Neil's music is like a day without sunshine.

31 years is half my life time spent with you. The best is yet to come. See you at the Seattle concert, Dec. 6, 2001.



- I have been a Neil Diamond fan for over 30 years and I am only 45. When I was about 15 I heard his Gold album on a tape that my sister's boyfriend let me listen to, and I said "Yes, he's great." Then later I started buying his albums and have never stopped buying them. I also went to his concert in 1977. I was 21, he was great, and each time he is in Ohio I go crazy if I don't see him.

Neil Diamond moves my soul and lifts my spirts. I even got all my family to like him. In fact, until I liked Neil my family did not know of his splender and the way his songs touch your soul and lift your heart.

Yes Neil, I will be there for you always.


Janice (Klepacz) Wolfe in Dayton


- I have been a Neil fan since the 1960's. His music never grows old or tiring. I couldn't count the times that I have listened to 'I am..I said' and each time it seems I hear it for the first time! Neil's music has comforted my soul since I lost my husband 10 years ago...I have been to several concerts & hoping to see many more!

Bonnie P./Wyoming Fan


- Dear Neil Diamond, I'm not sure if this is the place to write this but I wish to thank you for all that you have done for me in the past. I have had a hard time since my wonderful friend and father suddenly died and changed my entire world. I ended up severely depressed even though I am the mother of four wonderful daughters and have a husband who is supportive beyond all needs.

Your music and soothing voice has often helped me through some rough times when there seemed no end to pain and you have helped me to cope that extra bit, the final part that my family could not find for me. Even my girls would whisper and say to each other "leave her alone she is listening to Neil", knowing that given a little time in your world would make me more approachable to them and sometimes easier to cope with.

My dad used to say don't worry, let it all come to you and you will find the right way, the way that is best for you. He maintained worrying was a waste of time, what was done was done and what was meant to be will eventually be.

I didn't mean to pester, this is the first time I have ever thought to do anything like this. I just wanted to tell you how great the gift you have in your voice, that I appreciate all you have done for me even though you never knew it.

God Bless You




    - All I can say is I have been a very loyal fan for years
    and I have 85-90 percent of Neil's CDs. The last few years
    have been extremely hard on myself and my family
    because my husband has been diagnosed with a rare
    form of cancer.

    It is really hard to explain but every time I go to work,
    go to doctor visits or hospitals, due to the amount of our
    illnesses, I pop a CD in my car or on my computer and his
    music makes you feel like everything is going to be okay.

    On his newest CD the lyrics along with Neil's music is very warm and just makes you feel great.

    Thanks for all the music Neil, because it has helped me be stronger along with love, faith,
    and friendship with my family.


    Chris in Cincinnati


- Dear Neil,

-I feel like I can write this like you are my friend, because I truly feel that you are. I've listened and watched you since I was a teenager and through all the music fads and singers, you have always remained my "One and Only" all time favorite singer and person.

I admire you for the fact that through the years, you have never changed or "reinvented" yourself for anyone - not the Critics - not anyone!! You are truly "ONE OF A KIND" and the "BEST KIND". I'm so glad that you never listened nor put any stock in what the critics said about you - but remained "true to yourself" and just kept writing and singing the kind of music that you knew your fans would keep on loving.

Your songs are always from your heart to "MY" heart and I think that's why your songs will always be "timeless" and enjoyed by ALL generations - even the ones to come!!!

I'm so glad that you are BACK and what a "turn on" - you look "AWESOME" at 60 - of course you've always been wonderful to watch, but the words and music that come from your heart and soul are what make you the "BEATUIFUL" person that you are!!!

When I lived in San Francisco, my sister and I went to see "THE JAZZ SINGER" and I fell in love all over again. I think, without a doubt, that is the BEST movie I've ever seen. You are a gifted actor in addition to a phenominal singer - I loved ALL the songs in the movie - especially "Coming to America" and "Love on the Rocks". You know, I've come to the conclusion that "THE CRITICS" are a bunch of "tone deaf", "blind" people not to recognize your genius for songwriting, singing and acting. That's OK - your fans know good songs and acting when they see it!!! Will you ever be making another movie - I HOPE SO!!!

I saw you on the "View" and got a real kick out of it when you said that the critics say that you are "in" right now - Where have they been - you have and always will be "IN" to your fans!!!

One thing that I especially admire about you is the fact that you have lived a life that you didn't have to justify or be ashamed of to your children - you appear to be and I'm sure are the "ultimate gentleman". When you were asked what you found "sexy" in a woman on the View, it touched my heart that " a women that could make you smile/laugh" was it and that really touched my heart - it only there were more "GENTLE" men like you.

You know, I've always been too financially strapped during my life what with being a "single parent", etc to see you in concert - but now I am a "grandma" and can actually plan on seeing you sometime in the near future. Hope to actually meet you some day.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the "Beautiful Noise" that you have made all my life!!! Take care and God Bless you and your family, both biologically and "back-up" band-wise!!

A Lifetime Member of "DIAMOND WORLD"

Melba Clarke


- I've been reading the other messages and am not surprised at all that so many people feel so strongly about one of the greatest entertainers of the 20th (and now 21st) century.

I've seen him in concert a number of times including once at the old Capitol Center in DC when I had seats center stage, third row. When he sang "Reach out", it felt like he was touching me personally (I wish!). Like others, his music has been with me through good and bad times; his music has made me cry from the emotion in my life and his music has made me laugh out loud in pure joy.

My oldest son plays guitar and drums. The first thing he learned to play on drums is the drum roll introducing the encore to Hot August Night. I almost cried to see my son appreciate Neil's music as much as I do. He's 33 now and still thinks Neil is the greatest. But then again, why shouldn't he?

My favorite song is one I've never heard him do in concert - Lady-Oh. I would love to hear him do that live.

Diamond is forever!

Julia Graffam
Fairfax, VA


- I remember the first time I took my kids to see Neil.  My son Jason was about 13.  He said, Dad, isn't he older than you? Several years I said.

Then how come he can move like that?

We have shared the music for years.  Now, a new generation has come along.  We continue to share the "Beautiful Noise" together.

Thanks Neil for so much love....



- I have been a fan and can play his songs on my piano and love every minute of it.

The MAN is wonderful.



- Why do we love Neil Diamond? ... Because he sings on such a warm and human level ~ He sings to Us.

Thank you for being there for so many of us who needed you in one way or another.

Dorothy Bugbee


- Hard to explain.

Neil Diamond somehow touches my soul when he sings.

Port Jervis, NY


- I think that Neil Diamond's voice is closest to what God must sound like.  His voice is the most beautiful that I've ever heard.  I think that Neil Diamond is the greatest singer/performer alive today and perhaps the greatest who ever lived.  When my cousin first heard his voice singing "Love on the Rocks" in the movie "The Jazz Singer", she blushed and couldn't stop smiling.  Since then, everytime I remind her of that song her face lights up.

Patrick Gallimore


- I think I like Neil's music so much because I grew into woman hood with it- from the early 70's and teen years to my mature self now- those sexy lyrics take on a whole new meaning when you are a grown up girl!!!! I also was so touched by "Coming to America"- my grandparents were Russian immigrants and they came over----- Neil - you sing from your heart and the new album is wonderful - you just keep getting better.

Barb Hanson


- Well...I got 3 tickets in the mail yesterday to see this MAGNIFICENT man in Philadelphia, Pa. on Oct. 17th. I got really great seats. I am bringing my 21 year old son and 71 year old Mother to see you Neil. My Mom has never been to one of your concerts and this is a dream come true for her. I am SO looking forward to this!!! I HOPE that you will sing " Play Me" and " Mission of Love".


Diane from Tabernacle, NJ


-To Neil Diamond,

I usually do not respond to internet chatting however, I just discovered your website after all these years. My dedication goes back to 1978 when I was staying with my sister and her family. My mother left me when I was only 1 year old. My sister "Lady Ann" I called her, was like a mother raising me, any way's, her and I spent the last year of her life before she was tragically murdered enjoying that one beautiful bond we had together and that was Neil Diamond music. I will always love her and whenever I hear your music it brings me close to her.

Thank you for all the wonderful memories and I can't wait till you are back in my town again so I can relive many more.

Robert Freeman
Concord CA


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