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Neil Diamond


Neil Diamond

-for Neil Diamond

All creation is mute as they wait, barely breathing...
and then comes a crescendo, a cacophony, a celebration.
In the glare of stage lights you suddenly appear, backlit,
as you capture every eye and whisper your invitation.

These are moments lost in time. Magic pieces of glory.
Those watching are frenzied toward a hysteria you control.
You are no longer just a nice Jewish man from Brooklyn...
You are every dream come true for every hopeful soul.

Every heart beats in concert with the one in your chest.
Young girls fall in love with you and old women remember,
rememeber feeling mute with love/lust and open adoration.
Not one eye notices that you are older and not as limber.

You live within a kingdom where you are loved and revered.
My own eyes see only that you are the object of my heart.
It's been a journey of respect, admiration and passion,
a journey I remember from its soul-shaking start.

Superstar, we are growing older, the mirror doesn't lie.
I grew gray along with you, here in the world that is mine.
Shadow-years came to paint my face, gravity, to bend me.
But you are young and I am young, in your music so sublime.

We will walk the bricks of time, not together, but not alone.
For long ago I gave my heart to a singer who stirred my soul.
Superstar, you rock my world. Years scatter like leaves,
and the part of you that makes part of me, also makes a whole.

Sherry Asbury



- Neil has been my favorite male vocalist of all-time, following him and his music since he started writing and performing it on the streets of Brooklyn - ( Tin Pan Alley ) ... I was just a kid of 7 or 8 years of age back then.

When I started my band back in the mid-seventies, I knew just the style of music that I wanted to write and play to...that of course revolving around the style that Neil has for over 4 decades inspired us all. I saw Neil in concert a couple times in Chicago back in the seventies and was taken so much by his energy and desire to please us, his fans... when you thought that he wouldn't come out for another encore after a long performance, he would again & again. I have had people say to me that I look and sound like Neil... those words are certainly words of high praise as to the affects of how Neil has inspired me. I have always desired to meet Neil personally and still hope to some day. When Neil wrote the song "Solitary Man" it was when I first heard it that it immediately became my theme song as I'm sure it was his!...

Thank-you Neil Diamond for bringing your music & inspiration to all of your loyal fans! My very best to you and yours!!! and a very Happy Birthday as well !!!

Yours Very Truly,

Joseph M. DePrizio


- Hi Neil, for many years I have been your loyal fan.  The first time I heard your music was back in my country 'Chile'.  I heard on the radio part of your concert HOT AUGUST NIGHT back in the 70's.  I fell in love with your music and I promised to myself that one day when I come to USA my first paycheck will be to buy your albums, which I did.  Since then I listen to them over and over again.

I went to see you in concert at the Madison Square Garden many years ago and about 2 or 3 years ago I went to see you in Houston.  Your music makes me feel so good, and sometimes I feel sad, but it is Ok, it brings a lot of memories in my life.  I hope I can see you again in concert.  Now my husband and I live in Charlotte NC.

Hope this message gets to you or to somebody connected with you.

Yours truly,



- I have been a huge fan of Neil since the beginning. I have gone to all of his concerts locally for the past 30 plus years. I even had front row seats at one of the concerts. But no matter where your seat is ....the music is beautiful indeed. A magnificent blend of lyrics and music such as the world has ever heard.

Even thoughI do not belong to any of his fan clubs, I am a truly devoted fan. And I will continue to be.

Cheryl Veverka


- I first became a fan with the release of the Stones LP. There was something unique and true about the sound of this Singer/Songwriter that I noticed even though I had just entered High School. There was something about the sound of the "I am...I said" (reprise) on the album which sounded so much like every one of us searching for our soul! Since then I have bought every Neil Diamond release, even finding the Bang release of "THE FEEL OF NEIL DIAMOND" on, of all things, 8 track!

I once read a review of one of Neil's Concerts which I think explains it all. It said that when Neil sings a song, he sings it like he too is discovering it for the very first time! I have never missed a Neil Diamond Concert since I first experienced the original HOT AUGUST NIGHT Tour here in L.A! Even my 7 year old, Lauren know's who Neil is!

Once you listen to a Neil Diamond album, I mean really listen, with no distractions, then you know what the magic is all about. Thank You, Neil, for the many years of helping us touch our souls...

Pete & Gina,
Los Angeles, Calif.


- What a pleasure to find this page.

I have loved Neil since 1969 when I was 11.  His music has kept me going in some of my darkest, saddest days. My oldest daughter who is now expecting her first baby was given Caroline as a middle name because of Neil's Sweet Caroline, which was the song that caused me to become a Diamond girl.

Neil was a common bond between the man who became my husband for 26 yrs and was there when he broke my heart.

I have never seen him in concert, but I will some day.  I know I will.

Thanks for your page and Thank you, Neil.



- I have been a Neil Diamond fan for 34 years.  My first tape was his Greatest Hits back in 1967.  I was only 6 yrs old when I fell in love with his beautiful voice.  He is the best singer I've ever heard.  And always will be. I love him with all my heart.  I have seen every concert in my home town for 34 yrs.

Love to Neil from Lauren Brozoski


- What can I say, Neil is the greatest. He has so many great songs. And the feeling in them go straight to your heart. I relate to much of his music with my life happenings. I have been to his concerts and let me tell you he is the best! His live performances are stunning. There is so much emotion in the air. The last concert I attended was in 1996 and let me tell you when I hear those songs that I heard live I get goosebumps. I hope he tours again, I will be there. If you're a fan and haven't been, PLEASE GO.

Love to Neil and all the fans.



- It's hard to put into words exactly what it is about Neil that draws one in. There are so many reasons why. What draws me in is his touch with what's going on with life. It seems that there's a song for each feeling and situation that one goes through. I know that there are songs that touch the deepest part of my heart as well as those songs that are just fun songs like "Talking Optimist Blues" from Neil's Tennessee Moon album. It's a fun song that most anyone can relate to.

I've listened to Neil most all of my life and there were songs from when I was small that I could relate to like "Shilo" when I was small and had a special invisible friend like Neil too. And when I was dating my song with my beau was "Forever in BlueJeans." He touches all facets of one's life with his music. It's almost as if he knows what you need to hear without asking, he just knows. He's more than just an entertainer, he's a true artist that touches lives in so many ways.

Neil, thanks for your contribution to our lives with your music. You are definitely "America's #1 Gem."

Charlene Gossett
Birmingham, Alabama


- My life is like a movie.  I am Bill Murray in What About Bob.  I, too, have found that there are two types of people in this world; there are those who love Neil Diamond and those who hate him.  My wife hates him.  I have to hide my CD's from her.  Life is unfair.



- I have been listening and watching Neil since the late 1960's! His voice just grabs my soul. And it does not matter which song I hear. He makes you believe in every song he sings. One of my favorites is Johnthan, it's the best to get or give a massage with. So relaxing.... Hope he comes to Dallas again, would love to see him in concert again. Have not missed one yet. And even if he is getting older, (aren't we all), he still has the best buns on stage I have seen.

Judy Igleheart
Long time Fan!


- I have been a Neil Diamond fan since 1968.

Once you have been to a "Neil" concert, every other concert pales in comparison. I think that the reason I have attended so many (I lost count after 45) is, that when he performs, it is about "real life" things. No matter what the song, someone, somewhere, is identifying with the lyrics. He makes people feel that that they are the only ones in the arena, and he is singing the lyrics directly to them. I guess that is why he is so revered by his followers. I have watched him take an audience and place them in the palm of his hand. I've seen l8 year olds and 70 year old people enjoy him. There is no age barrier to his music. I think that is the key to his popularity.

I have had one wish for 33 years and that is to one day meet him. I think he is a music genius.

Thanks Neil for 33 happy music years! -- - Lilly-Rose


- Hi! My name is Jeff Manasse. I'm your Number One Fan and I want to say that I loved the movie of The Jazz Singer.

I also have a friend who loves you, his name is Mike Oens. He has your tapes just like me. I live in a group home in Newington and Mike works at Great Bay. I hope to get tickets to your next concert for myself and my friends!

Jeff Mana


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