Dustin Fuchs, LHS Soccer Goalie
I've known Dustin his entire life.

He was a Senior at La Grande, OR High School the year I took these photos,
but he's been a passionate soccer player from the day he took his first steps.

Recruited into Select Soccer in his 5th grade year, he never looked back.
He spent 3 years as Goalie for the LHS Soccer team before heading off to play in college.

The pictures below were taken during the 2002 Soccer Season (Sept-Oct)
with an Olympus C700 Digital camera, and most were zoomed in to the full 10 power.
I hope you enjoy seeing the athletic talents of my young friend, and also my photography!

Click on the Pictures to see them in a larger size!
Thanks for all the fun I've had watching and photographing you Dustin,
and I'm glad I'm not doing your laundry!

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Photos of Dustin Fuchs, Soccer Goalie © Toni McLaughlin. All Rights Reserved.